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The big story this week is the whole Gates/Crowley fiasco at Cambridge and President Obama’s comments on the situation. The fact that this is a big story is what is wrong with media coverage, public discourse, and politics in general today. Here’s the real breakdown on what happened at Cambridge. Two men got into a pissing contest. I do not believe it really is anymore complicated than that. Then Obama decides to make a 30 second answer to a question that politically he should have side-stepped (though in a perfect world, he wouldn’t have to). Then you have the media making a mountain out of mole hill, and, just like that, say goodbye to the health care debate! (more…)


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Sometimes I wished I had one of these at work:



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A couple of Thanksgivings ago, I had some chest pain and ended up going into the emergency room. Now as it turns out, it wasn’t really anything. Heck, probably an anxiety attack for all I know. But it was the wake-up call that I needed to finally try to get into better shape. At that time, my weight was flirting with 220 lbs or so. Now my weight hovers around 165 lbs. Pretty good, right? (more…)

You know, I have seen some pretty piss-poor management at the local government level before, but I have to say that my beloved home county of Jefferson County, Alabama really takes the cake.  Check this out:


Over the Fourth of July weekend, Sarah Palin basically committed political suicide.  Whether or not she did it because of some impending skeleton that is going to be coming out of the closet or some warped political strategy on Palin’s part is irrelevant.  She cannot make this move and still make an impact on the national stage.  This just gives any of her potential opponents too much ammunition.  Serving only a partial term as govenor hardly removes the “lack of experience” issue.  And now you can add the inability to withstand the pressure of the office and public/media scrutiny to the mix.  She even provides much of the ammunition in her own stepping down speech, constantly whining about her treatment from the media.  It is the sort of attention that would only get worse should she seek and then win the top office of the land.  So if she can’t take that as a govenor and VP candidate, how could she ever expect to take that much more as President? (more…)

I discovered a show yesterday with perhaps the coolest premise ever.  It is called “Man vs. Cartoon”.  The concept behind the show is that engineering students and researchers attempt to redesign Wil E. Coyote contraptions in such a way that they will be actually successful in catching the Roadrunner.  What an awesome idea for a show!

Even better, sometimes they fail every bit as spectacularily as Wil E. Coyote himself.  Seeing a guy spin round and round on the ground because he has fallen with rocket-propelled skates attached to his feet is just good TV!  It probably doesn’t say much for me, but I think I rather see the failures than the successes! (more…)