Man vs. Cartoon

Posted: July 6, 2009 in Miscellaneous
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I discovered a show yesterday with perhaps the coolest premise ever.  It is called “Man vs. Cartoon”.  The concept behind the show is that engineering students and researchers attempt to redesign Wil E. Coyote contraptions in such a way that they will be actually successful in catching the Roadrunner.  What an awesome idea for a show!

Even better, sometimes they fail every bit as spectacularily as Wil E. Coyote himself.  Seeing a guy spin round and round on the ground because he has fallen with rocket-propelled skates attached to his feet is just good TV!  It probably doesn’t say much for me, but I think I rather see the failures than the successes!

The great thing is that they probably won’t ever run out of Wil E. Coyote things to try.  But even if they do, they can simply expand to other cartoons.  How about Tom’s schemes to capture Jerry?  Or Elmer’s plan to kill the wabbit?  The possibilities are endless.

I don’t know how I missed this show before now.  What other great TV shows am I missing?  Please let me know, as I usually manage to only catch the garbage.

(The only other thought I have about this past weekend is this:  I am amazed by how many firework tents I passed traveling.  I am telling you, one errant toss of a lit cigarette would have blown Henderson, Tennessee sky-high!  All you have seen is a mushroom cloud.  But it would have been a colorful mushroom cloud!)


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