Sarah Palin Is Finished. Thank Goodness!

Posted: July 12, 2009 in Politics
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Over the Fourth of July weekend, Sarah Palin basically committed political suicide.  Whether or not she did it because of some impending skeleton that is going to be coming out of the closet or some warped political strategy on Palin’s part is irrelevant.  She cannot make this move and still make an impact on the national stage.  This just gives any of her potential opponents too much ammunition.  Serving only a partial term as govenor hardly removes the “lack of experience” issue.  And now you can add the inability to withstand the pressure of the office and public/media scrutiny to the mix.  She even provides much of the ammunition in her own stepping down speech, constantly whining about her treatment from the media.  It is the sort of attention that would only get worse should she seek and then win the top office of the land.  So if she can’t take that as a govenor and VP candidate, how could she ever expect to take that much more as President?

Frankly, I am relieved.  I didn’t really think that Palin had that much of a shot at President.  But I always had this small seed of doubt in my mind.  After all, this is the same country that elected George W. Bush.  Twice.  And Palin would be a disaster for this country.  It’s not because she lacks experience.  Well, she does lack experience, but that’s not a valid reason for keeping her out of office.  For one, I don’t think there is another job that is comparable to being President of the United States, so how does one go about getting experience?  For another, folks were correct to point out that it’s not like Obama had a ton of experience in his own right.  But when people would say that Palin lacks experience, they were really using code for something else.  What they really meant was that they believed that Palin simply is just not that smart.  I share that belief.

If you ever wanted to know what this country would be like if Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity were in charge, elect Sarah Palin as President.  This is why she couldn’t answer Katie Couric’s softball of a question about what her sources of news was.  She couldn’t be honest here.  Because if she was, she would have to say that she gets her news and worldview from Limbaugh, Hannity, etc.  If she reads anything, it’s the Drudge Report.  This is why the Limbaughs and Hannitys love her so much.  If they could somehow get her into office, they would basically have a puppet.  She would take their lead in her decision-making.  I believe that a Sarah Palin/Joe the Plumber combination would be the dream ticket for Limbaugh/Hannity and all of their copycats.

A President needs to be intelligent.  A President needs to be well-read.  A President needs to be well-informed and have an understanding of a wide range of viewpoints to be able to make the decisions that he or she will need to make.  This is a quality I think Obama has, which is why I chose to vote for him (I don’t agree with many of his political views, but I didn’t with McCain either, so that didn’t come into play).  It’s a quality that I don’t believe Palin has, and I don’t think it is even close.  I would vote for virtually anyone over Palin.

But thankfully after her July 3 announcement, I no longer have to worry about it.  Is she done?  You betcha!  Thank you Sarah Palin!

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