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I ran across this article the other day. The gist of it is that apparently there is a bill in Congress that, if passed, would give the President the authority to disconnect private-sector computers from the internet in response to a “threat”.

Bill would give president emergency control of Internet



Nice try, Glenn Beck.

Sometimes I think this guy’s entire purpose in life is to make Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reily, etc. look more reasonable and intelligent by comparison.

  • God has blessed America.  As every merchant with changeable letter signs apparently needs to remind everyone.
  • While God may have blessed America, He still has some love for the Confederacy.  At least based on what these very same merchants sell in their stores.
  • Ride The Ducks is more fun than one might think.
  • A “scenic” train ride is still pretty much just a train ride.  And it may not be that scenic either.
  • Sharted is a funny word.
  • Segways are an entertainment option that you can charge for in Branson.
  • Andy Williams is still alive.
  • Yakov Smirnoff is actually employed.
  • The fishing at Table Rock Lake is good even in August.
  • There is some darn good eatin’ to be had at Mickie’s in West Branson.
  • I like $1 stores.  Mind you, I don’t actually buy anything at these.  But the idea that everything in a store costs a dollar really appeals to me.
  • Branson’s most popular attraction?   Wal-Mart.

A judge in Will County, Illinois sentenced a man to 6 months in jail.  His crime?  Yawning in court.   Seriously.,0,3679452.story

I will buy the judge’s story that the yawn was intentionally obnoxious.  But even with that, is it really worth 6 months of jail time?  Wouldn’t have kicking the man out of the courtroom sufficed?  I mean, the guy that actually was being sentenced only got probation for a felony drug charge.  So intentional yawning is more severe of a crime than a felony drug charge? (more…)

Good grief! The mayor of Birmingham, accused of accepting bribes in return for steering bond business to the bribing company during his time as Jefferson County commissioner, is attempting to have himself declared indigent so that the federal taxpayer will be on the hook for his lawyer bills.


And only the films I’ve seen. Which fortunately (or not) for you has been more than usual for me, most years if I were to write an article like this, I could only write about the one movie I had seen. Not that I have gone out and seen everything, or even close to it. But I have seen a few, some which were good, and some that were not so much. So without further ado, here goes: (more…)

Jefferson County has shut down all the satellite offices down this week. The county laid off two-thirds of its workers. Waiting times for services at the main county office are being reported as hours (up to 7 hours!). But I guess it could be worse. At least we don’t have National Guard patrolling the streets, or anything like that.

Aw crap! Congratulations Jefferson County. When it comes to being the worst local government, you guys are the king. All hail the king!