Presidential Emergency Control Over the Internet…Is That Necessary?

Posted: August 30, 2009 in Politics
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I ran across this article the other day. The gist of it is that apparently there is a bill in Congress that, if passed, would give the President the authority to disconnect private-sector computers from the internet in response to a “threat”.

Bill would give president emergency control of Internet

Is this really necessary?  I get that there are cyber attacks.  But they seem to serve more as annoyances than anything else.  Certainly a cyber attack has never been committed that has actually reached the level that it is an actual threat to national security.  So has this bill been proposed because of an actual analysis of the threat potentially presented by  cyber-terrorists?  Or did somebody see Live Free or Die Hard recently?   I really think that it just might be the latter.  I mean, I strongly suspect that there are some in Congress who base their principles for fighting terrorism on the TV series 24. Seriously, I think we spend too much time in this country on imaginary threats, and not enough time on real ones.

But maybe I am the one who is naive here.  I am certainly not a cyber-expert.  So maybe somebody more in the know than myself can explain why the steps proposed here may be necessary.



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