Why “912 Project” Is Misguided

Posted: September 13, 2009 in Politics
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Rallies were held yesterday for the so-called “912 Project”.  The underlying theme behind this movement is that we are to remember how we felt the day after the 9/11 terror attacks and strive to bring the nation toward feeling that way again.  I can understand some appeal to that.  The nation was ready to rally together.  There was a sense a commitment to helping our fellow men and women get through the tragedy anyway that we could.  Political bickering was put aside.  That kind of stuff just wasn’t important.

The problem with going back to the way things were on 9/12 is that it’s not this utopia that some want to present it as.  Things were not all peachy on 9/12.  There was a lot of irrational fear.  There was a lot of anger.  There was racism, bigotry, etc. against Muslims and even generally against anyone of Middle-Eastern descent.  I remember reading that there was a poll shortly after 9/11 where the vast majority of people actually supported using nuclear weapons in response to the attacks.  Don’t get me wrong, I was not above all this.  I was pissed as well, and would have certainly gone along with nuking somebody, ANYBODY, in response.

Of course, such a response would have been totally irrational.  This is why decisions should not be made in anger.  Cooler heads should prevail, and responses should be made after weighing all the facts, costs, and benefits.  (Whether that actually happened or not is another question.  I guess at least we didn’t nuke anyone!)  Further, while the idea of “unity” sounds good and all, I don’t think I would like to live anywhere where everyone agreed on everything.  Having a diversity of ideas of how to deal with issues and then debating those ideas is healthy.  Dissent (at least intelligent dissent) is good.  Any idea should be tested, and if it is a good idea, those who support it should be able to defend it.  Heck, if nothing else, I think if everyone thought just alike, it would just really be boring!

I know that more specifically this movement has its 9 principles and 12 values (I see what they did there!  How clever!).  Generally nothing wrong with those.  And further, the protests have seem to taken aim at runaway government spending, alleged violations of the Constitution, and a return to “conservative” values.  Such sentiment would resonate a lot more with me if (a) any of these movements would have started at any time during the 8 years of the Bush administration, and (b) if I had any reason to believe that these rallies would have occurred if McCain had won the office (and no, we wouldn’t have seen small government under McCain).  As it is, the claims that this movement is “bi-partisan” is laughable.  The movement really just boils down to the guys representing the R’s going after the guys representing the D’s because the D’s are in power.  In other words, politics as usual.  Sorry true believers.

I could have saved myself about 490 words or so if I would have just said that the “912 project” is misguided because it is Glenn Beck’s idea.  That’s really enough said!


  1. hoboduke says:

    Tea Party started during the Bush years. His budget busting appeasement to be buddies with the spend tomorrow’s money now crowd lit our fuse. It takes a long time for the USA citizens to leave their home and march the streets. However, the fuse is burning and nobody gets it! This is not a spontaneous event like “hey we need to do something, let’s protest somewhere!” There is a strong current driving numbers bigger than those who came out. Don’t think it’s Obama’s protest group. We distrust federalist powers without check. We don’t believe political hacks that pander to a specific issue, understand the broad range of protest issues. The Senate for decades has used the receipts deposited by social security as a slush fund to be spent on any and all electioneering promises. These 40 years of social security receipts are slips of IOU papers. If any of these funds were actually held for the intended purpose, then we would not be having crisis talks now! We now Washington D.C. cannot stop spending our money. TARP funds returned by banks have to spent immediately, just because! USA ain’t seen anything yet on Tea Party growing way beyond the commercial media grasp.

  2. 12stepgolf says:

    hoboduke-they thing we are partisan, our anger or our disappointment cuts both ways. We are not radical we see the wrong from both sides. When they can truly understand Judy Collins both sides now, maybe they will get it.

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