Completed My First Official 5k Race Today!!! But It Won’t Be The Last!

Posted: October 10, 2009 in running
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This is the other reason that it has been a wonderful day!  A coworker buddy of mine said that once I ran this first 5k that I would be completely hooked.  And she was absolutely right!  It was just awesome!

Today also represents another blow against the idea that there is nothing to do in Birmingham.  It was the Susan K. Komen Race For The Cure, held downtown.  A fun event, raising money for breast cancer research.  Just a whole lot of win!  And if you are not a runner, it’s OK.  There are literally hundreds and hundreds of participants, of ALL skill levels.  Anybody can walk 3 miles, anybody.  So I highly recommend doing this event, whether in Birmingham or wherever such an event is held.  You will not regret it.

Anyway, there was a tad of rain.  But considering the forecasts, it wasn’t bad at all.  Certainly not enough to dampen the spirits of those that were there.  There is so many people there, it was hard to get into a good stride at first (but really it’s not that big of a deal, this really is all about charity and having fun, I wouldn’t consider it that serious of a competitive event).  But eventually I found some room and was able to hit a comfortable pace.  During this, I couldn’t help but notice the cheering crowds, which was really great and was a big help for me!  It must have helped, because even with the slow start, I was still able to achieve a personal best time for that distance of 28:15 (the official time will be slower, I started my watch at the starting line which took a little while to get to, while the official time starts at the horn.  I still beat 30 minutes even officially, which was my goal for the race).  If I were to have a minor complaint, it would be that there wasn’t enough water on the course.  The little half cups of Gatorade were not getting it for me.  On the other hand, they had a ton of water bottles at the park where the race started.  So really it was my own fault for not grabbing one.

So let me say this, the couch-to-5k system is the truth!  Anybody that wants to get started running, do this!  It absolutely works!  Also, the people at my office have been very supportive of my efforts and I really appreciate that a lot.  With this system and a litte support, you can be a runner even if you have never done this in your life before.  It wasn’t too late for me at 35, and it’s not too late for you.

So what’s next?  The folks in my department want me to run The Vulcan.  But that’s a 10k, and it is next month.  Would that be too much, too soon?  On the other hand, I think I can do the distance (I ran most of 7 miles at Oak Mountain Park last weekend).  And it would be a great opportunity to get right back into another race (I swear, the way I feel right now, if there was a race tomorrow, I would be in it!).  I am now seriously considering it.  We shall see.  May do a long run next weekend to see how I feel.

One thing I really wished I could do is figure out a way to have cheering crowds for my regular weekday runs!

Update:  Official results are out: First, I was wrong about the official time.  It is from starting line to finish line.  In fact, I gypped myself by a couple of seconds.  And I want credit for it all, so 28:13 it is!  Second, 383rd overall and 39th in the division, I’ll take it!  Did I mention how much fun this was?!


  1. congrats! knew you could do it! awesome time too!

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