Paranormal Activity

Posted: October 18, 2009 in Miscellaneous
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Just saw this.  I am still creeped out!  I have only felt that way leaving the theater one other time, and that was after The Blair Witch Project.  And this movie is better because it stands alone (no need to find the back story on the internet).  You want to be grossed out, see Saw 50, or whatever number they are up to now.  But if you want to see a genuinely scary movie for Halloween, see Paranormal Activity. It’s that good!  (An unusually good decision for a major movie picture company was made by Paramount Pictures here.  They bought the rights to this film which was made on a $15,000 budget and a hand-held video camera.  The original plan was to re-shoot it with a bigger budget.  This would have been a definite mistake, as there is nothing that a budget would add to this film.  Fortunately they screened the original film first, and the reaction was so great that they opted to release the film as is.)

Paranormal Activity Official Site


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