Worst…Local Government…Ever!!! New Contenders!!!

Posted: October 18, 2009 in Politics
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I swear, look at what Larry Langford and the gang are up to this time.  Is this any way to pass a budget?  Only Larry and the Birming…..um, what’s that?   Wait, NOT Birmingham?  Not Jefferson County either?  So this time it is Homewood, AL?

Homewood, Alabama Approves Budget Without Seeing Documents

Wow, just wow!  I am not even sure what to say.  Check this comment out from city council president Jeff Underwood:  “All I can tell you is we have a budget,” he said. “There is an assumption as to the numbers and projections and actual numbers, and we will provide real numbers just as soon as they’re made available.” Yes folks, they passed a budget based on an assumption of numbers.  Not that they necessarily know what those assumptions are.  On the other hand, it makes balancing a budget much easier I suppose.  Maybe I should start just assuming numbers for my own personal budget.

I believe there is a tendency for the so-called “over the mountain” suburbs of Birmingham to look down upon the city.  And with the politicians running our city, this can be with good reason.  But stories like these (and stories like these are not limited to Homewood) lead me to believe that things are not really that much better in these suburbs.  I think they may just be assuming that things are better.  And you know what happens when you assume (besides passing a budget)!



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