Birmingham Has A New Mayor…Larry Langford Found Guilty On All 60 Counts!

Posted: October 28, 2009 in Current Events, Politics
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My gut is on quite a losing streak.  As I said in my blog entry on Sunday, I had a feeling that Larry Langford would either get completely off or get off easy.  Instead, a jury this afternoon found Larry guilty on all 60 counts of bribery and fraud:

Larry Found Guilty On All 60 Counts — updated

First of all I have to mention about the article link posted above, I love the line, “Langford, who is 61 or 63,….”.  LOL!  Well played, The Birmingham News, well played!  Second, this answers a question that I had, would Larry have to give up being mayor immediately upon conviction, or would he be allowed to go through the appeals process?  As we can see, Carole Smitherman is now mayor of Birmingham (she didn’t even have to be sworn in).  Lastly, I agree with Governor Bob Riley’s comments about needing a change to corruption laws and increased transparency in government business.  Government business is this state just too often appears shady, even if in some circumstances it might not be.

Now of course I wasn’t at the trial and didn’t hear all the testimony and see all the evidence.  But from what I do know, it is hard to think the jury got it wrong here.  There doesn’t seem to be any denial that Larry received gifts from the gentlemen that testified against him.  There is also no denying that these same men were awarded county contracts.  So in order to believe that Larry was innocent, you have to believe that Larry did not know that the people giving him “gifts” and helping him pay back loans expected something in return.  You also have to believe that coincidentally, these same people just happened to win county contracts in totally unrelated decisions.  Such logic really stretches all reasonable credibility.

Larry is going to appeal of course.  I am not sure on what grounds, though he was playing the race card in the press conference aftermath (it should be noted that 3 of the jurors were black).  I am no lawyer, but I was very surprised that the Langford team requested the move of the trial out of Birmingham.  I would think he would have had a better chance of getting a more sympathetic jury in Birmingham.  We did elect the man after all.   And he only needed one juror to see things his way.  But the lawyers are the experts in such matters, so who am I to question it.

I wonder when the special election will be to elect a new mayor?  I believe the guy I voted for last time, Patrick Cooper, will likely run again.  I really believe he would be good for the city.  It will be interesting to see how it turns out.


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