Gamecocks Treat Vols To Free Footballs On Halloween…Vols Win 31-13

Posted: October 31, 2009 in UT Vols Football
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A solid 31-13 win for the Tennessee Vols tonight.  This is a good sign for those hoping the Vols didn’t leave it all on the field for the Alabama game.  I continue to be encouraged that the Vols can perhaps go ahead and win out from here and put together a pretty nice season.

The Good:

  • The black jerseys were pretty cool.  I don’t think they should wear them all the time, but as a one-time thing, it is fine.  Ignore the “traditionalists” out there who will moan and complain about this.
  • Hardesty continues his excellent year, racking up another 120 yards of rushing.
  • Dan Williams is becoming unblockable at the DT position.  I am also impressed with his hustle, making tackles and recovery a fumble down the field.
  • Vols defense forcing 4 turnovers, including 3 in the first half that led to 21 UT points.  That pretty much was the ballgame right there.

The Bad:

  • Jonathan Crompton didn’t play particularly well.  He didn’t make any horrendous mistakes that put the team in a bad position.  But the 50% completion and 142 yards passing is a little more closer to early season Jonathan Crompton than I would like.

The Ugly:

  • That knee injury to Savion Frazier.  That did not look good at all, and that’s the 2nd MLB down to injury.  And boy, I really didn’t need the ESPN boom mike picking up those sounds of agony from him.  I know they want to get us close to the action, but sometimes I would rather just not know!

Next up for the Vols are the Memphis Tigers.  On paper, that looks like it should be a pretty easy win for Tennessee.  But Memphis never seems to read what is on paper when they play UT, and always give the Vols fits.  So don’t be shocked if this is closer than it should be.



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