2009 Run For The Hills 5k

Posted: November 14, 2009 in running
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Just got done with another race.  Today I ran the Run For The Hills 5k in Vestavia Hills.  This year’s course was tough!  I had to walk for a very short period going up this large hill which is just a beast, especially since the lead up to that hill is bascially a mile and a half of going up, just not as steep as the blame “Widowmaker”!  I hated to do that, but I could feel myself giving out so I could either force myself all the way up the hill and be dead for the rest of the race or I could walk just a little and have enough left to pick up the pace at the end.  My unofficial time was 27:14, which is just a little over a minute over my PR.  I think given this course, that’s not bad.  I also felt a little better that another person I run with from work, who has been running a lot longer than I have and has done a couple of marathons, said that he had to walk twice (I passed a lot of other walkers as well).

There was also a 10k race.  In regards to that course, the 10k guys were saying things such as “unfair”, “sadistic”, and “my car doesn’t even like doing that hill!”.  I say “not doing the 10k today, good call!”  Though the 5k course was challenging, it was also very interesting.  Right through the neighborhoods of Vestavia Hills, which are very pretty.  And with the hills, the curves, and the turns, it kept things interesting.  I do feel sorry for one guy who missed a turn.  The course was for the most part well marked, but for some reason they neglected to put an arrow sign at one intersection.  I think they had arrows painted on the pavement, but this was near the end, and you are not necessarily at your most observant when you are tired.  The arrow signs were definitely easier to see and they were everywhere else.  Not sure why they didn’t just put up one more.  But this guy probably could have won the whole thing from what I understand, but lost two minutes going the wrong way!

The post-race food was pretty good, as they had some BBQ sandwiches and cole slaw.  For the beer drinkers, they had a keg on ice.  And soda for the rest of us.  The t-shirt is actually a tech shirt, which I didn’t expect.  However, it is exactly the same color as the Vulcan Run shirts from last week.  And the logo…um…well it’s got a camel on it.    I actually liked the logo they had on the race website better, and think they should have just slapped that on the shirt.  But they didn’t ask me!  As far as the swag bag goes, along with the standard stuff, they included a cookbook!  Some of it looks pretty good, I may have to try some of the recipes out.

All in all, it was another very fun experience.  I will consider doing it again next year, though I wished they would schedule it a little further out from the Vulcan Run.  I am going to stick with my plan I think, so my next race will probably be the Jingle Bell run in December.  I am still on the fence in regards to the half marathon in February, but there was a lot of big talk from my co-workers this week who suddenly felt as if they were up for the half marathon.  I may get shamed into doing it!

UPDATE:  Just got e-mailed the results.  I finished 2nd in my age group!  How about that!  (Sure, 2nd out of 7, but 2nd place is 2nd place, right?  Don’t answer that!)



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