Vols Bowl Eligible

Posted: November 22, 2009 in UT Vols Football
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The Tennessee Volunteers are bowl eligible, so I guess at least that’s a mild improvement over last year.  Sure, we are looking at some craptacular bowl, but that’s better than sitting at home.  I didn’t see the Vanderbilt game, so I can’t really speak about the game this week.  Following the Yahoo updates and listening to some of it on the radio feed, it sounded like a pretty ho-hum effort by the Vols, but that’s good enough against this Vanderbilt team, which I believe could find a way to lose  against just about anyone.  Next week’s game against Kentucky could be a challenge, as the Wildcats are, believe it or not, actually looking for win number 8 on the season.  On the other hand, in recent history, Kentucky has pretty much laid an egg in their matchups against the Vols.  So who knows if they will actually show up.

Anyway, do you think Kiffin was a little happy to get bowl eligible:



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