Beating Kentucky, A Tennessee Football Tradition For 25 Years!

Posted: November 30, 2009 in UT Vols Football
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I know the Kentucky Wildcats don’t have the best football track record in the world, but still, beating a team 25 times in a row is still pretty remarkable.  Kentucky fans have to be wondering when this streak will finally be broken after having an excellent chance of getting the job done this year and blowing it.  Given the game was played two days ago, I am not going to completely breakdown the game.  But in short, I thought the Vols played fairly well except for two crucial turnovers that nearly cost them the game.  But could have, should have, etc., the bottom line is the Vols pulled out the victory in OT.  And if the sports pundits are right, it appears that the win will be good enough to get the Vols into the Outback Bowl.  Not too bad for Lane Kiffin’s first year.

The regular season is over the Vols.  Virtually all eyes of the college football world will be turned to the SEC Championship game between the Florida Gators and the Alabama Crimson Tide.  I tend to think it is going to be a defensive struggle, as I believe the defenses are the strengths for both teams.  I think I am going to give Florida the slight edge, because they have Tebow and Alabama doesn’t (it doesn’t help ‘Bama that Ingram is banged up).  Let’s go Florida 16, Alabama 9 as a prediction.


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