Jingle Bell 5k….Wait, It Snows In Alabama?

Posted: December 5, 2009 in running
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For once, the forecasters got it right.  They were calling for a dusting of snow, and as I got up this morning and looked outside, sure enough there was a light dusting of snow on the ground and more sticking to the roofs of cars and to trees.  Actually, it was a wet snow that sticks to everything, which is really makes for pretty scenery.  Even better, it wasn’t on the roads, so we got the scenery without having to deal with the nasty driving conditions.   Anyway, it was an unusual sight for this state, especially this early in December.  In fact, this may be only about the third time I have even seen evidence of snow in the 5+ years that I have lived in Birmingham.

So as you might imagine, with snow on the ground, it was just a tad cold for the race this morning.  Earlier this week, I was trying to decide whether or not I would wear gloves and a hat for the race.  Fortunately, after receiving some advice from people who I know who are actually smart and nearly freezing my hands off during my run Thursday, I went ahead and got the gloves and hat.  I now know it would have been insanity (not to mention quite miserable) to have tried to run without those.

With the cold weather, I wasn’t quite as fired up about this race as I usually am for races, at least when I got up.  But once I got to the race site, with the hustle and bustle of the crowd and general fun atmosphere, my adrenaline got going and I was ready to go!  And being dressed properly, it didn’t really feel cold during the race at all.  As far as the race itself, the course is really nice.  It’s a part of the Vulcan course as well, but Highland Avenue is really a nice street to run on.  This was not a type of race you can really get a PR on.  Because the course is a loop, we were all funneled down Highland on one side of the median, which meant it was really crowded.  I was pretty much “land-locked” (or should I say “people-locked”?) for at least the entire first mile, there just wasn’t any room to pass.  Still, I ended up running it in about 26:50, which isn’t too bad for me.  Besides, it is a charity race.  Really, how seriously can you take a race where runners are singing Christmas carols and grown men are dressed up as elves?  I am more about the fun anyway!

For the post-race, I got my fill of warm cheesy Dominoes Pizza and some hot coffee (very appreciative of that!).  Good stuff.  I probably would have stuck around longer, but while I wasn’t cold during the race, I was getting cold afterwards.  All in all, it was a very good time.  My schedule is pretty much set over the next couple of months now.  I am running the Meadow Brook 5k later this month.  In January I am running the Village-to-Village 10k.  And in early February, I have received confirmation from the final member of the marathon relay team for Mercedes, so I am very excited about that!  And though it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be today, I am still going to hope for a little warmer weather!  (yes, I am a complete and total wuss!)



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