World’s (Not So) Funniest Blog Officially Endorses Patrick Cooper For Mayor Of Birmingham!

Posted: December 6, 2009 in Politics
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And with my substantial influence in the blogosphere, with thousands, um hundreds, ok, maybe dozens of readers, some of whom may actually live in Birmingham, the mayor’s position is as good as his!  Actually if he had any idea, he and his campaign would be cursing right now.  The people I vote for usually do not win.  Heck, I voted for Patrick Cooper the last time and we saw how that turned out.  Even if they do win, usually they end up as complete failures (great going W.!  Thanks a lot!).  So really this is probably the worse thing that could have happen to Cooper.

Anyway, I took this afternoon to try to research all 14 candidates as best as I could.  To me, Cooper is so far beyond the other candidates that if based on capabilities and potential alone, the election would be a landslide.  Of course, some of the other candidates aren’t exactly setting the bar high.  One was arrested “campaigning” in a bar.  Another’s claim to fame is trying to convert “Bruno” from homosexuality.  Still, to me the choice is clear for two reasons.  First, clearly Cooper is a very intelligent man.  Second, Cooper is not a part of the current Birmingham political scene, and we sure could use some new blood in this city.

I probably make too much of this, but one thing I pretty much make a requirement for my support of a candidate is that the candidate must have an informative website.  In this day and age, there is just no excuse not to have a website.  I understand that you really can’t get into too much detail with campaign signs and 30 second commercial spots.  But that’s the beauty of the web, you can post all the information you want, and anybody can go get it.  Patrick Cooper has a very nice website full of good info.  A couple of other candidates have pretty good websites as well.  But most of the candidates either do not have a website (that I can find anyway), or have websites that are nothing but fluff.

Sometimes I really like little things as well.  Patrick Cooper is proposing setting time aside every week where anybody, ANYBODY, can make an appointment to see the mayor and discuss one-on-one anything that they desire.  So simple.  Yet if this is actually done anywhere, I am unaware of it (maybe it is common though and I just don’t know).  I also like the idea of setting aside a couple of offices at city hall as study areas for kids.  Just the general sense of accessibility that Cooper wants to create at city hall really appeals to me.

So I am voting for Patrick Cooper on Tuesday.  I hope that the people of Birmingham get out on Tuesday and vote for somebody.  I almost would prefer that even if they don’t vote for Cooper that they vote for somebody new, even if that somebody may be in over their heads a bit, instead of the same old tired faces like William Bell or Carole Smitherman.  How do we ever expect to see different results if we keep voting the same folks in over and over?  Still, I have more respect for you if you get out and vote, even if it is for Bell or Smitherman, then if you sit home and do nothing.

Here is Cooper’s website: Maybe you will be as impressed as I am.  Or not.



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