Blah!  That sucked!  Just finished watching the Vols get dominated by Virginia Tech.  Simply put, Virginia Tech is just a better team.  The Vols are just mediocre.  The Alabama game was obviously just an aberration (and we didn’t even win that).

And if I am not in a bad enough mood, somebody in my apartment building got a new toy for Christmas.  And they have been kind enough to share with the whole apartment the last three nights.  Is it wrong that I wish to strangle whoever invented loud bass stereo systems?  Does this person not have any other source of entertainment other than playing music for HOURS?  Does this person never leave?  (What’s bad is that I am imagining that this person DOES leave, and just leaves the stereo system on just to spite me!  Yep, that’s it.  Everyone is out to get me.  What, me paranoid?)  Seriously, I am thinking of a New Year’s resolution right now, and it’s not very nice!

What would make me feel better?

Yeah, that would do it!  Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!



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