Rush Limbaugh Declares U.S. Health Care System A-Okay

Posted: January 3, 2010 in Current Events, Politics
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His exact quote was that he got the best health care “right here in the United States of America. … I don’t think there’s one thing wrong with the United States health system.” Well that is certainly good enough for me. After all, if a downtrodden average-Joe like Rush Limbaugh can get quality health care, certainly the rest of us, including the 35 million plus uninsured, have no right to complain!

I can’t believe that I use to be a fan of this idiot. To state the obvious, the problem that people have with our health care system really is not about the quality of care that one can receive here. The problem is two-fold, one is the lack of access to the system for poorer Americans, who have neither the money to directly pay for the services nor the insurance coverage (while we often talk about the uninsured, we should also include the under-insured, not all insurance coverage is equal.) for the services. The second problem is just the plain excessive cost of our health care system. We have among the highest health care costs in the world, and the costs are spiraling out of control. And we don’t seem to even be getting more bang for our increased bucks. That should be reason enough to believe that something needs to be done.

Of course, cost is not really an object to a multi-millionaire like Rush Limbaugh, so why should he worry? (If the rest of us can’t get care, it is probably because we are lazy, right?) I do find it sort of funny that Rush declared the U.S. the best health care system in the world after a trip to a hospital resulted in a diagnosis by doctors of shrugged shoulders. Hmm, I think I could have given him that diagnosis, and for a lot cheaper too!  Speaking of cheap, would it be a cheap shot to say that perhaps Rush is so fond of the U.S. health care system because it was the same system that allowed him to feed his own drug addiction? 🙂


  1. The Center Square says:

    Well said. You hit the two nails on the head: problems of access (especially for poorer Americans) and problems of cost (for all Americans).

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