Birmingham….Change? No Thanks!

Posted: January 19, 2010 in Politics
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Birmingham had a chance to vote some actual new blood in today. But they instead chose for more of the same, electing William Bell over Patrick Cooper.

That’s a pretty solid vote for the status quo.  Oh well, the people have spoken.  At least the 41% of registered voters that could be bothered to show up.  Perfect weather and not even half the voters could show up?  And this is getting praised as a good turnout.  Pretty sad.

Reading Sunday’s paper, it actually appeared that Cooper’s education was actually hurting him.  Something that  is bothering me more and more is the idea that having an education is a negative for those seeking public office.  For black politicians, it is viewed as not being “black enough”.  For white politicians, it is viewed as being “elitist”.  Don’t get me wrong, I realize that education is not the only ingredient to effective leadership.  But it certainly shouldn’t be viewed as a drawback.  It’s not enough just to have “common sense”.  It is nice to also have, you know, actual knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Sorry Patrick, I so jinxed you with my “endorsement”.



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