Sarah Palin And The Tea Party – Perfect Match!

Posted: February 6, 2010 in Current Events, Politics
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Did they hook up on  The word is that Palin is seeking to become the leader of the Tea Party movement.

Tea Party Activists Eagerly Await Palin’s Words

Absolutely perfect!  Let’s see what wisdom we can find in this article:

At the mere mention of her name, “tea party” activists light up and whip out “Saracudda” buttons — a play off her “Sara Barracuda” nickname from her high school basketball team in Alaska.

Oh I see what they did there!  Though I do have to wonder why does the “h” drop off “Sarah” for the nickname?

With a dash of familiarity, many say they didn’t vote for Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., in 2008 — they voted for “Sarah.”

As much as it boggles my mind, I am sure this is true.  That said, there were many that voted against “Sarah” as well.  “Sarah” was not the only reason I voted for Obama, but “Sarah” was a pretty big piece of that decision puzzle.

“She is the one,” says Loren Nelson of Seattle. “And she’s gonna do it.”

She’s the one what?  What is she going to do?  Pose for Runner’s World magazine again and explain that she quits 5k’s because she doesn’t want to become a lame duck runner?

The 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee isn’t saying whether she’ll run for president in 2012.

Oh.  Aw crap!

Her fee is $100,000 for the appearance at the for-profit event.

Really?  $100,000 for her?  To hear her speak?  Have they ever actually heard her speak?  And they still think it’s worth $100,000?

“My decision came down to this: It’s important to keep faith with people who put a little bit of their faith in you. Everyone attending this event is a soldier in the cause,” she wrote. “I made a commitment to them to be there, and I am going to honor it.”

Yes, and you have 100,000 reasons to keep that commitment!  What a selfless act!

Without elaborating, she says she won’t benefit financially from speaking at the convention and any compensation from the appearance “will go right back to the cause.”

Um, if the money is just going to go right back to the “cause”, why take it in the first place?  Wouldn’t it be much more efficient to just let them keep the money and speak for free?  Maybe it’s a case where the government doesn’t know how best to spend the people’s money, but Sarah Palin does!  (I’m thinking dresses!)  Or maybe the “cause” includes back taxes owed on structures she built on her property that she neglected to tell the assessor about.  Not paying taxes, how rogue!

“The soul of the Tea Party is the people who belong to it,” Palin says. “They have the courage to stand up and speak out … They believe in the same principles that guided my work in public service.”

Principles such as turning a mayor’s race in some Podunk little town into one about abortion and gun rights?  Paying for office redecoration with highway fund money?  Building a sports arena for a Podunk town that mostly sits empty?  Building an emergency dispatch center because you didn’t want to share one with a neighboring town because you were rivals in basketball?  Supporting a bridge to “nowhere” until it became clear that it wasn’t politically expedient to do so?  Those principles?  Just checking!

Maybe Sarah will run for President as the “Tea Party” candidate.  She could avoid the primaries, as she would just be anointed.  She may become the first ever Presidential candidate to run her campaign completely through Twitter!  It would be awesome!

(Well more awesome if William Shatner reads the Twitters, poetry style!)



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