The Summit…Lot Better In Theory

Posted: February 25, 2010 in Current Events, Politics
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Well it sounded good on paper.   A dialogue between people with opposing points of view coming together to solve one of the nation’s biggest problems.  But instead…

“It’s a Kabuki dance,” Robert Schmuhl, a political scientist at Notre Dame and author of Statecraft and Stagecraft, says of the summit. “Throughout the day, participants talked past each other to such an extent that the ‘summit’ was closer to a molehill of familiar stump speeches.”

The quote above apparently pretty much sums of the events of the day at the health care summit.  No dialogue.  No open minds.  Just the same talking points we have been hearing for a year now.  Really this result is not unexpected.  Technically the dialogue that was suppose to happen today COULD happen virtually every day on the House and Senate floors.  Heck, you even have the C-Span coverage.  You wouldn’t have the President, but of course he has advocates in both houses so his presence is not necessary.  If anyone was interested in solving the problem, honest open discussions could take place without a “summit”.  (To be fair, this is the type of discussion that should take place at the beginning of the process, not the end.  Perhaps Obama should have done this a whole lot sooner.  But it would still been the same gang involved, so it is doubtful it would have been any more fruitful then.  And once again, these discussions could have taken place without an “official” summit.)

Nope, not happening, not in our political system.  With the two-party system, it is always simply a competition for power.  Just two teams going up against each other.  Problem solving is not the goal, winning is.  Our system is simply unable to solve a problem as complicated as health care.  Our health care system is going to collapse eventually, it’s just a matter of when.  But I guess we always have to wait for the bubble to actually burst before we can realize how big a problem really is.  This is why people choose not to participate in our political system.  Really, if somebody says “what’s the point?”, I don’t really have a good rebuttal.

I do have a couple of other things that is bothering me.  Republicans keep insisting on taking small incremental steps to solving this problem.  Do they really believe that what’s even in the Democrat’s bill comes close to being the total solution?  The system needs an overhaul, not a few little tweaks.  So I guess there isn’t even any agreement on the magnitude of the problem.  No wonder we aren’t getting anywhere.  The other thing that is bothering me is the use of parliamentary procedures.  Why is it OK for one side to use a parliamentary procedure to block legislation, while it goes beyond the pale for the other side to use a different parliamentary procedure to push the same legislation through?  What’s the difference?

Oh, one more thing that is bothering me.  I just accidentally clicked on an Ann Coulter column.  The column is mostly stupid.  I mean, it’s Ann Coulter, that’s pretty much her gimmick.  But then there were parts (small parts) that made sense.  She pointed out that a bill has passed the House and a bill has passed the Senate.  If either house would simply just vote for the other bill, it would become law.  And Democrats have majorities in both houses.  So Democrats are really the ones blocking the bill, not Republicans.  Democrats, do you see what you have done?  You made Ann Coulter right!  Do you realize how retarded (yeah, I said it) you all have to be to make Ann Coulter right?  I am pretty sure Ann Coulter being right about anything is a sign of the apocalypse.   See Democrats, you have ended the world!  No sleep for me tonight!


  1. OMG! When Anne Coulter has a valid point it is time to start drinking the kool aid.

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