Jobs Easy Enough That An 8-Year Old Can Do!

Posted: March 3, 2010 in Current Events
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How about air traffic controller!


  • If Ronald Reagan were alive today, he would feel vindicated for firing all those air traffic controllers back in 1981.  After all, if even a kid can do it….   Actually, if Ronald Reagan were alive today, he would be ridiculously old and would be lucky to be thinking anything!  But that’s neither here nor there!
  • This must be a real kick to the gut for Mikey Hicks!  Mikey can’t even board a plane without getting searched.  Other kids get to control the airplanes!  Talk about learning at a young age that life is not fair!
  • C’mon, not one pilot could say “Joey, you like movies about gladiators?”  ?  How often do you get to use Airplane! quotes?  I’m so disappointed in those pilots!  They should be the ones suspended, not the controllers, if you ask me!
  • “Wished I could bring my kid to work.”  See, it could have been worse.  A kid could have been actually flying the plane!
  • The AP designated the adult voices from the kid’s voice.  Who were these people who couldn’t tell the difference?
  • Republicans are probably already drawing up plans to deregulate the whole air traffic control thing.  Imagine the money we could save by having a bunch of elementary school kids run the towers!  We probably wouldn’t even have to pay the little buggers!  (Child labor laws be damned!  Stupid progressives!)
  • Actually the previous is probably not true.  Unless they can figure out a way to make this happen through a filibuster or blockage of an Obama nominee!
  • We will probably find out that they CAN make that happen through a filibuster or blockage of a nominee through some obscure procedural rule!
  • This is Obama’s fault!  Further proof that he is not tough enough against terrorism!  C’mon Dick Cheney, you will back me up on this, right?  Fox News has my back, I am sure of it!



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