A teacher actually wrote that on a graded assignment of a 6th grade girl.

Teacher Writes “Loser” On Student’s Paper

  • A grown man that calls a 6th grade girl a loser?  I’m pretty sure that makes him a loser.
  • He claims to be trying to “relate” to his students.  Which students?  Other students that may be calling this young girl a loser?
  • He is calling it his “style of teaching”.  Does his “style” also include wet willies and wedgies?
  • Really, I get trying to relate to the students.  But shouldn’t you at least act THEIR age if you are not going to act your own?
  • Apparently some parents are defending the teacher’s “style”.  I would really love to hear more about this.  Seriously, I’m curious.
  • Rex Roland, you are a jackass!  Hey, don’t worry about me saying that.  I’m just trying to relate to you! 🙂



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