Speaking of people who may be jackasses, Karl Rove has a new book out.  I know I rushed out to get my copy….oh wait, what I mean is that this will be a book I never read!  Though I have not and will not read the book, I have heard enough about it that I think I can give a short synopsis and save everyone the time.  Rove thought Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, but so did everyone else so that makes it OK.  Besides, the Iraq war has been a smashing success, so all is well that ends well.  Rove has never done anything unethical (Valerie who?).  Oh, and Bush and his former administration RULZ and the Democrats DROOLZ!  So basically the same stuff you can hear from him on Fox News, except he is asking you for $20 for it.  So I just saved you time and money!  You’re welcome!

Anyway, with something to promote, of course Karl is making the media rounds.  Something from an interview with the BBC (BBC?  I didn’t figure ol’ Karl is that popular in the UK.  But I guess you try for a sale wherever you can get one.) that caught my eye:

I’m proud that we kept the world safer than it was, by the use of these techniques. They’re appropriate, they’re in conformity with our international requirements and with US law.

Karl Rove Says Water Torture Is Justified – And A Cause For Pride

First, I had to link the article above because I love the first line, “The man known for much of his career as “Bush’s brain”…..”.  That cracks me up.  Not because it is the first time I’ve heard it, but because it appears in mainstream media articles over there.  I can just imagine Rove doing his interview on British TV, and a little graphic popping up saying “Karl Rove, George Bush’s Brain”!

Anyway, Rove has decided that not only is water boarding not torture, it is something we can all be proud of!  Great!  USA!…USA!….USA!  Nobody out waterboards America, nobody!

Rove claims that we got good information from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed once we waterboarded him 183 times.  I would note that two of the places, London and Karachi, where Rove claims we received good intelligence about potential attacks were attacked anyway.  I am not aware of any terrorist attacks at the other place, Djibouti, he listed.  So I guess the claim would be that this attack was prevented.  And who knows, maybe Rove is speaking of other potential attacks that were supposedly thwarted at London and Karachi too.  The convenient thing for Rove is that you really can’t prove anything about events that never happened.  He may as well have also said that we got info about potential attacks from Mars and Godzilla (Rove said, “Hey, the Godzilla thing was completely unexpected.  But have you SEEN Godzilla.  That’s one nasty lizard, one you don’t want to mess with!  Now aren’t you glad we approved waterboarding so we were able to stop the king of monsters?!”)

I also love how he continues to claim that waterboarding is not torture and conforms with U.S. and international law.  You know, because he paid some lawyers to say that, so it makes it true.  The interesting thing is that it seems that anyone who has actually ever been waterboarded has no doubt that it IS torture.  I mean, look at this guy:

How can anyone watch this video and still think waterboarding is not torture is beyond me.  Frankly I think Rove or anyone else that doesn’t think waterboarding is torture should volunteer for a session.  I think we could get him to say waterboarding is torture.  I also happen to think we could get him to say that he wants to make love to Barack Obama or anything else we wanted.  That’s because waterboarding IS torture!

The thing that really gets me is the whole “proud” thing.  Even if one where to grant that waterboarding somehow falls just inside the line of what is acceptable, how could this be something to be proud of?  Wouldn’t it be at best something that was regrettable, but a necessity to protect this country?  I just can’t see how we can be proud to use these techniques.  Of course, it also bothers me how smug this Rove guy is in general.  Come to think of it, was being smug a requirement to be a member of the Bush team?  Rove, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield….all these guys come off as so smug.  Most of the time these guys can’t get the smirks off their faces.  It must be nice to be so certain of yourself, I guess.

Last thought, Bush’s nickname for Rove was turd blossom?  Um, Karl, I don’t think that is generally regarded as a compliment.  But, hey, if you like it, suit yourself!  I think I will call you turd for short, OK?



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