Things I Have Learned During The Health Care Reform Debate

Posted: March 21, 2010 in Current Events, Politics
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  • The most important factor for reforming health care?  Legislative procedures of course!  I bet you thought it would be health care costs or insurance or doctors or patients or something like that.  How silly!  Republicans know this bill will never work if it is passed through reconciliation.  And Democrats know this thing is doomed unless it is passed through “deem and pass”.  Because if you vote for this through “deem and pass”, you can apparently claim that you didn’t vote for it, or something.  Oh wait, Democrats have reconsidered.  Now they are going to pass the reconciliation bill first and then the Senate bill.  Because this supposedly provides “cover” for those voting for the bill.  Apparently if you do it the other way around, there is no “cover”.  I’m pretty sure this kind of stuff only makes sense in Washington.  Isn’t it wonderful that these are the type of discussions that are taking place?
  • Republicans are very concerned about Democrat’s election fortunes in November, and are only more than happy to help them by giving them advice.  They are very unselfish!
  • Based on what I have seen on TV, I project this bill will be cost neutral, give or take one gazillion dollars, depending on who you ask!
  • Also, this bill will either kill you and send you to the depths of hell or allow you to live forever with special visitation rights to heaven whenever you please, depending on who you ask!
  • An “overwhelming” majority = roughly 45-60%.   If the amount in opposition goes any higher than that, they will be unable to show that to you for fear that it will literally blow up your brain!
  • There is no end of numbers and statistics you can throw out there in either support of or opposition to this bill.  You need not support these numbers.  In fact, the less support for the numbers, the better.
  • It’s perfectly fine to pull numbers out of your derriere (for Palin fans, this is French…er…I mean “Freedom” for “ass”) and then make follow-up assertions as if the number you just made up is real.  This morning, some pundit was on TV saying something to the effect that “full employment is now 5% unemployment and I think if this bill passes it could go up to 8% unemployment”.  And then he goes off on a panic rant that this means that 5 million jobs will be lost if this bill is passed.  The rant was made even though clearly the unemployment numbers he was stating were just arbitrary.  I really expected another pundit to say something like, “Well I think it will be more like 11%.  My god man, we just lost another 5 million jobs just sitting here talking about the bill!  Imagine how many more we will lose if we actually pass it!”
  • If passing this bill is “ramming it down Americans throats”, then we need to get the Democrats ramming device down to Gitmo now!  Given the slow, arduous nature of this painful sounding “ramming”, if we use this on the prisoners down there, they’ll talk!  This may sound like torture, but from “Things I Have Learned From Bush’s Terrorism Policy” I know that you can simply pay off lawyers to change the terminology to “enhanced interrogation techniques” and it is all good!

I am no longer sure if passing this bill is a good idea or not.  We need to do something, that I am sure about.  But this process has been ugly and most of the debate has been unproductive.  Whether this thing passes or not, I am even sure who the winners will be, but I am worried that the winners will not include us, the general public.

P.S.  One more thing I learned.  Having Parkinson’s Disease = freeloader



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