Great Grandmother Sells Goldfish To 14 Year-Old…Clearly Menace To Society!

Posted: March 31, 2010 in Current Events
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Really Great Britain?  You really think this is necessary?  This is a good use of resources?

Great Grandmother Given An Electronic Tag And Curfew For Selling A Goldfish To A 14 Year-Old

You sell a goldfish to a 14 year-old, and that’s punishable?  And not only that, the punishment includes an electronic tag and curfew (not to mention a fine)?

  • “He and his mother were caught out by a new bill passed in 2006 which makes it illegal to sell goldfish to under 16s.” Wait, they passed legislation that specifically addresses the sale of goldfish?  Was this really an issue?  Was there some goldfish killing spree by some kid?
  • Iain Veitch, Head of Public Protection at Trafford Council, said: “The evidence presented for this conviction clearly demonstrates that it is irresponsible to sell animals to those who are not old enough to look after them. A 14 year-old is not old enough to look after…a goldfish?  Really?  I have never had a goldfish, but I’m thinking a tank full of water and some fish food is about all there is to it.  Even if we grant that a 14 year-old is not old enough to look after a goldfish, why don’t the parents become responsible?
  • Goldfish busts?  Man, the British version of the show Cops must really be lame!  (This was really a sting operation.  The 14 year-old was WORKING FOR THE COPS!  Seriously.)
  • I love the idea that this 66 year-old woman has a curfew.  What do they she was going to do after 6pm?  Play bingo?
  • “He said the punishment she had received would prevent her from attending her weekly bingo sessions…” LOL!  Oh.
  • Clearly she needs to be kept off the streets.  She sold goldfish once, she would sale again!  Worse, she may try to sell goldfish at the bingo session!
  • Rest easy, Great Britain.  Joan “The Goldfisher” Higgins has been tagged and is going nowhere!  The old lady even thinks about heading to bingo, the SWAT teams are on stand-by!



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