Wait, Did This Really Happen?

Posted: April 1, 2010 in Current Events, Politics
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I thought the goldfish thing would be the most ridiculous news item I would run across this week.  But this has to be it.  It’s not even close.  Watch this video:

Did he really say that he feared that Guam…would tip over and capsize?  A Congressman?  It’s April 1st so I was skeptical.  But apparently this was a real question posed by a real Congressman at a real government hearing.  (Kudos to the Admiral there, able to keep a straight face and simply saying, “Um…we don’t anticipate that…  LOL!)

Congressman Hank Johnson is now saying he only meant that figuratively, not literally.  I hope for his sake, and for those he represents, that he is telling the truth!



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