Birmingham Tax Day Tea Party – Part 2

Posted: April 18, 2010 in Current Events, Politics
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OK, this time I’m going to post some clips from the event.  Before I do, I did want to share one thought about one of the themes that kept popping up during the speeches I heard.  There was much talk about political correctness and diversity.  At one point, a speaker said that diversity and political correctness caused the Fort Hood  killings.  Now me, I think it was the crazy guy with the guns.  Now I am not going to argue that perhaps based on the shooter’s prior behavior that more shouldn’t have been done.  But I wouldn’t necessarily blame political correctness for the lack of action.  Look at the Virginia Tech shooter.  Plenty of signs were there for that guy too, but not enough was done.  I think it really goes back to a couple of things.  One, it is way easier to put together the pieces of something after the fact than it is to predict what is going to happen in the future.  And two, I think it is human nature to not believe that a fellow human is a homicidal maniac.

So anyway, the implication of the speeches seemed to be that we needed to have litmus tests based on race and religion for participation in certain activities (ie military).  It’s kind of scary thought.  Also, hilariously (to me anyway) the speakers would keep mentioning the diversity in the crowd and how “this is what American looks like”.  Well let me tell you then, American is very, very white; pretty darn old; and a little bit angry!  (I did spot one African-American in the crowd.  I tried to snap a picture of him so I could post “evidence”, but there wasn’t enough light where he was standing to make anyone out.  I did also notice that he was a young African-American and he also had a camera and was filming.  So I couldn’t help but wonder if he was just observing as I was!  But he could have very well been a supporter of the movement.)

Anyway, here are some clips.  The first couple represent some of the criticism of churches that I heard.  Now once again, I must say the speakers made it clear that God is a Tea Partyer and that this group is the most christian-y Christians that has ever existed.  But apparently pastors and churches are failing this country.  The funny thing is the implication that if only churches and pastors were more active in the political process that clearly they would push for the Tea Party agenda.  It doesn’t appear to occur to them that the views of churches and pastors would certainly range across the whole political spectrum.  Not only is there not a single monolithic world viewpoint among all the churches, there is not even a single monolithic world viewpoint within any given church!

Second clip:

In this next clip, the speaker apologizes for any glitches or shortcomings during the event.  He then mentions that the people who are running the event are NOT community organizers!  YEAH!!!!!  Community organizers suck!!!!!!:

Oh wait…..isn’t the speaker saying that the event would be better ran if it were ran by community organizers?  Wouldn’t that mean that putting a community organizer in charge of something is not that bad of an idea?  I would think that we wouldn’t want “glitches” and for things to “not quite work right” in our country.  But maybe that’s just me! 🙂

Now I was actually ready to leave at this point.  But then I thought if I went through the trouble of actually showing up, I needed to at least wait to see the main event, the Palin family.  So I did.  Here is daddy and brother Palin getting introduced.  The speaker mentioning that these two may eventually become part of the First Family was probably the scariest thing said all night!:

Here’s a clip of Sarah Palin’s dad talking about whether they saw any signs of Sarah Palin’s future “political greatness” as she was growing up:

Ha!  See, even when she was in the third grade, when it came to newspapers and magazines, she read “all of them”!  (Given that newspapers and news magazines are generally written at a higher than third grade level, it is pretty extraordinary that Sarah could read all of these things cover-to-cover, much less even take an interest in such things.  Really, Mr. Heath, even at the time this should have been a sign!  Wait, you wouldn’t think he would make something like that up, do you?  Nah!)

This clip, Sarah Palin’s dad tells the one thing he did not teach to Sarah:

Oops, my guess was that he didn’t teach her how to pronounce the word nuclear.  But I guess that’s actually not a thing of nature.

In this clip, Sarah Palin’s dad gives examples of letters with vague addresses that manages to make it to their house anyway (funny thing, this would seem to speak well for the U.S. Postal Service, but later Mr. Heath would go on to criticize the performance of the same service):

Well it is good to know that Sarah can see Alaska from her house too!  By the way, this is what Sarah Palin actually said in regards to her insight into Russia: “They’re our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.”  So no, she did not actually say “I can see Russia from my house”, but it was pretty darn close!  That’s why Tina Fey’s line was funny.

Finally, here is what Sarah Palin’s dad has to say about Fox News:

Good to know that God enjoys O’Reilly, Hannity, and Beck!

I didn’t have a watch, but my internal clock was telling me that it had to be like 10:30pm or something so I decided to head out.  So I didn’t get a chance to hear what brother Palin had to say.  As it turns out, once I got back to my car, it was only 9:30pm or so.  It just seemed that I was there longer than I really was.  But I think I caught enough of the event.  I have more video that I may dig through one day and post (don’t count on it!).  But anyway, I went.  I posted pictures.  I posted video.  You’re welcome!  (It’s not going to happen again! 🙂 )


  1. OMG I am going to have to digest this

  2. mmm i can’t see the clips?

  3. gesvol says:

    Don’t know what the issue could be. The clips are working fine on my end. Hmm. Wished I could help.

    Here’s a direct link to the YouTube channel where the clips are posted.

    Tea Party Videos

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