Newspaper Website Depresses Me……Then YouTube Cheers Me Up!

Posted: May 6, 2010 in Current Events, Politics
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OK, so I am checking out the local Birmingham newspaper website and on the front page is this depressing story:

New Polling Shows Tim James Leading GOP Field

That’s right, supposedly Mr. “This Is Alabama, We Speak English” himself has surged ahead in the race for the GOP gubernatorial nomination.  The fact that he would even be sniffing the nomination is depressing to me.  The one sliver of hope is that the James campaign paid for this poll, and if anyone would be enough of a doofus to pay for a bogus poll to show him leading just so he could tout that to the press, it would be Tim James.  Really, this guy is such a moron that I think I can honestly say that I would rather have Sarah Palin as governor and really mean it!

But cruising around the interwebs tonight, I ran across something that cheered me right up.  Somebody has put up a parody of the Tim James “This Is Alabama, We Speak English” ad.  And it is hilarious!

LOL!!!!  That is awesome!

Oh my goodness, this guy has more!

That’s just great!  Thank you “The YouTube” 🙂


  1. Geez! Don’t even joke about that Sarah Palin thing…the woman is like a stray cat, feed her and she will just keep hanging around..

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