More Things I Learned At Branson

Posted: May 23, 2010 in Miscellaneous
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Yeah, the fishing is still really good. I mean, check out the size of that bass I'm holding! How do you like that, Bill Dance!

Two Fat Daddys BBQ. Best....Restaurant Name....Ever! Yes, with that name, I had to try it. Best name, not best BBQ.

Mickeys. The best place to eat in Branson West. Chicago-style hot dogs, philley cheese sandwiches, awesome Italian Beef sandwiches, etc.

And thus my dream of starting an animal collection was crushed!

I still do not get what this sign is all about.

God blessed America. Then He bought some light beer!

Of course being in Missouri, you are going to see....a Titanic museum?

See, Branson is not about cheesy shows!

OK, fine, there are cheesy shows!

And cheesy fisherman waist deep in water! At the fish hatchery, right at the point where they release the trout! I am still looking for the duck in a barrel location that I am sure they have for hunters!


  1. Why am I hearing the music from Deliverance? …just teasing…a vacation? Good for you! I love Lake of the Ozarks, some “purty” country up there….and it is a good thing you went back to running, if the above photos are a hint of the dining experience your arteries are feeling relief! I thought perhaps you were standing watch on the oil spill. Unfortunately I think alot of the world is now standing watch on the oil spill and its potential spread.
    ps regarding your animal collection..I used to live in Houston, and went to a place called Brazos State Park to bicycle…I used to love the signs…always amazes me that there is a need to state the obvious”do not feed or agitate the alligators” keep pets on leash, know where your children are……

  2. gesvol says:

    Yeah, this was NOT healthy eating! But hey, it’s a vacation. I do generally eat right (or at least eat better) when I’m not on vacation (I do now, I used to eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. That doesn’t really work out so well!).

    Agreed about the world standing watch on the oil spill. It’s clear that all anyone can do is stand watch, because nobody knows how to stop it. All the money went to figuring out ways to extract oil, not ways to stop it from flowing. (I have a bad feeling that all these proposed “solutions” are just shots in the dark, and the drilling of the relief well really is the only thing that can work. Sigh.)

    • Indulgence is good for the soul on occasionally, sometimes there is nothing better than a good artery clogging deep fried something..supersized and extra mayo please…always feel like if I have survived that experience I am combat ready….
      I have thought about blogging about the oil spill and you are right..what is there to say? Aside from the fact that I feel this huge vein popping out on my forehead …. a transformation akin to something out of Buffy the Vampire Slayer … what can another ranting do? So instead I am focusing on some good old juicy, scandalous South Carolina politics..of course you know Sarah Palin has to be involved. I have decided that I won’t be happy until every one who she endorses hits the ground with a resounding thud. ..hey we all need a hobby and I didn’t get to go fishing!

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