Top Kill Is A Failure, Junk Shot Is A Failure, BP Is A Failure

Posted: May 29, 2010 in Current Events
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Ugh!!!!!!  Well we are learning that the “Top Kill” implemented by BP to stop the oil geyser has failed.  Oh, and while BP didn’t tell us at the time, they tried the “Junk Shot” thing too, and that didn’t work either.  Sigh.  I said in a comment in another post that my fear is that the drilling of the relief well, you know the option that will take months, is really the only thing that can actually work.  This is doing nothing to alleviate those fears!

BP is annoying me with their lack of honesty.  I am not sure what they think they are gaining my not being fully forthright.  Reports are now saying that BP pretty much knew that “Top Kill” wasn’t working a couple of days ago, which is one of the reasons they paused operations a couple of times.  It was at those times that they tried “Junk Shot”, though for some reason they decided not to tell anyone.

But the biggest problem right now is that no one knows how to stop this thing.  It is in no one’s best interest to let this thing leak indefinitely.  Some think that the Obama administration should shove BP aside and take over.  But don’t you think if the Obama administration had any better ideas, they would have done exactly that?  There should have been more oversight concerning these deep water oil rigs, but that ship has sailed in regards to this very accident.  We are all stuck with a very bad problem, and no one really has a solution.

The one thing that does bug me is every time I pass a BP gas station, there are still people getting gas.  I can’t stop the oil leak, but I can refuse to buy gas from BP.  I’m sorry, but BP doesn’t deserve our business.

I just hope that the relief well actually works, because if it doesn’t, this thing may leak for years.



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