Wait, Maybe There Is A “World’s (Not So) Funniest Blog” Bump!

Posted: June 2, 2010 in Current Events, Politics
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Or in other words, the polling in this state leaves a lot to be desired apparently.

In the Republican gubernatorial nomination race, despite being in fourth in every poll I saw (usually by a decent margin), Robert Bentley finished in virtually a dead heat with Tim James for second place (Bradley Byrne won, but with only 28% of the vote a run-off will be required).  At last count, Bentley held a 140 vote margin over James.  Obviously this will come down to the absentee ballots, and even after that, there will certainly be a recount.  But if this result holds out, it is what I think is the best case scenario on the Republican side, the elimination of both Tim James and Roy Moore.

On the Democratic side, the polling was even more in error.  While Ron Sparks had closed the gap with Artur Davis leading up to Tuesday, Davis was still in the lead in polling I saw.  But Sparks absolutely crushed Davis in the actual election (with Sparks getting 62% of the vote).  Really it is understandable though.  Davis apparently bought into the polls and started taking actions with his eyes on the general election.  Such actions included voting against health care reform and shunning black groups within the state.  As you can see, it’s probably not a good idea to piss off your base before a vote!  I think Sparks reaped the benefits.

I am not sure I can get behind Sparks.  He’s in bed with the gambling lobby.  It’s not that I am anti-gambling.  Really, I am not.  But I am anti-special interests, ANY special interests.  I am not anti-education either, but I don’t care much for the powerful education lobby in this state.  I think if you allow any particular group to have undue influence on the government, bad law and poor regulation often becomes the result (even if intentions were at one point good).  So the ties to the gambling lobby bother me.

Speaking of the gambling lobby ties, in the other election I took interest in, Luther Strange defeated Troy King for the Republican nomination for Attorney General.  I guess other voters saw Troy King as I did, a sleaze bucket.  Mr. Strange may not be any better.  But if he isn’t, we can just fire him too!

I am in shock that Bentley and Strange didn’t go down in flames yesterday!



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