Rick Barber Sees Dead People…Then He Rants At Them!

Posted: June 15, 2010 in Current Events, Politics
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There have been a lot of crazy political advertisements in Alabama this year.  But I believe that Rick Barber has outcrazied them all!

Wow!  Just wow!  You tell ’em Rick Barber!  He is coming to lay the smackdown on that IRS with that thing they call the progressive income tax and he’s bringing the Founding Fathers with him!  That’s right, G-Money, Sammy, and Benny Frank are his boys and they are gathering the armies to kick some red coat ass, just this time it’s communist red coats!

Kind of funny, I thought EVERYONE called the type of income tax we have in this country a progressive income tax.  Guess not.  Though really Rick, if you want to do that right, you really should have done the air quote finger gesture when you said “progressive”.   Oh, and somebody really should have told Obama that he could just have the IRS “cram” health care “down our throats”.  Really would have saved him time!



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