Commercials That Reek Of Awesomeness!

Posted: June 23, 2010 in Miscellaneous
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I’ve been sitting here thinking how lately I don’t think I have been interjecting enough humor into the articles I have been writing.  I like writing about politics and current events, but if you want in-depth analysis, there are better places to go.  I would like to think though that I can make it a little funny.  But I’ve been struggling in finding ways to make, for example, the oil spill funny.  Haha, BP broke the containment cap and now the oil is leaking again unimpeded!  Those zany guys at BP, they broke an ocean!  See, it just doesn’t work . (Of course, Jon Stewart manages to make the oil spill funny every night.  I guess that’s why he has a show on Comedy Central and I don’t!)

But maybe while I am having trouble originating the funny, I can still lead you to the funny.  Politicalmonkey2010 (her blog, as all of the ones I have linked over there to the right, also reeks of awesomeness!) has posted some hilariously awesome commercials from Egypt selling Panda Cheese.    You do not say no to the panda!  Check them out!

Lighter Side Of Life: Cheese Commercials



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