Race To The Courthouse 5k

Posted: June 26, 2010 in running
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Bad race strategy.  I wanted a really good time today, and I tried to force it.  As a result, I went out way too fast and pretty much ran out of gas a mile and a half in.  I finished the first mile in 8:30.  I finished the race with my slowest 5k time ever, something around 31 minutes.  When I achieved my fastest times, I didn’t set out to do it.  They just happened.  I just tried to set a pace that felt comfortable and let whatever happened happen.  That’s how I should run races.  I should just do the best I can do on that given day and not go in with any preconceived notions of what the result should be.

I also think that I am just going to have to get use to the idea that my performance just isn’t going to be as good in the summer months.  My sweat rate is just so high, it’s just going to be a constant battle to stay hydrated.  Now I am still going to try to figure out how I can be at whatever my summer best can be.  I’m bringing much more water with me on training runs.  I am trying gels, GU Chomps (those are off the list!), and whatever else to replenish my electrolytes.  Next week I am going to start experimenting with sports drinks.  Maybe I can find something that will set OK on my stomach!

I have to give kudos to my running partner Lael.  She didn’t get suckered into my fast pace early in the race, actually had caught me by mile-marker one, and went on to finish her personal best 27-something (I don’t remember exactly what she said, but I know it was well under 28 minutes).  I think I would have been MUCH better off if I just let her pace me.  But oh no, I had to do the stubborn guy thing!  And she did the smart gal thing and just ignored what I was doing.  The result, she kicked my ass! 🙂  I’m so very happy for her!  I have the best running partner in the world!

The race itself was awesome!  Usually I can think of something that I can make a complaint about or at least come up with a suggestion that would improve the race in my opinion.  But for this one, I have nothing.  It was as well-organized as any race I have been in.  Every mile was marked off, every turn had a person standing there with an arrow, and the race was timed with timing chips.  After the race, they provided water which is pretty standard.  But a nice touch is that they also provided a cold wet towel.  The post-race food spread was also pretty darn nice.  They had every kind of fruit imaginable.  Plus, they had these muffins that were still warm (I have no clue what kind, I just know they were good!) and peanut butter and banana sandwiches which are one of my favorites!

This is definitely a race I will do again!  So my next race is going to be a 10k at the end of July (Sprint for the Spill).  It’s to benefit the Destin charter boat fishermen impacted by the BP oil 
spill.  And of course we will be ramping up our training for the half marathon in October (since that race is in Apalachicola, Florida; hopefully that race will help businesses in that region as well!)



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