Rick Barber Sets His Crazy Meter To Eleven!

Posted: July 6, 2010 in Current Events, Politics
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Why eleven?  It’s one crazier than ten!  I had to check to see how Barber did in the initial primary to get into the run-off.  As it turns out, he pulled in 29% of the vote to Martha Roby’s 49%.  Seeing as Roby only has to find a percent or two in the run-off, Barber faces an uphill battle.  His response has been to to show the voters that he is the craziest Tea Party candidate on the planet!  You have to check out his new commercial:

So after sitting the record straight from the last commercial (he’s decided that he’s not against taxes, just taxes being used for what he considers not legitimate purposes), he turns to another dead guy who apparently just happens to be wandering around, Abraham Lincoln.  He quizes Lincoln like a teacher would quiz a student to try to goad an answer, and finally we get to the point.  Today’s situation is just like slavery!  Wow, I must say, Rick Barber nailed it!  We are all slaves and too stupid to even know it!

Then this thing just gets even more bizarre.  The gathering of folks, which I presume is the army he spoke of in the previous commercial.  I also presume some of these folks are actually not playing a character (Hey, it’s Dale Peterson!  Don’t take Rick Barber’s signs either!).  The singing of a verse from the Star Spangled Banner that is not the National Anthem, which I guess must mean it’s cooler.  And I have no clue what’s going on in that Glenn Beck clip at the end.  Just crazy!



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