New Sarah Palin Commercial – A Game Changer?

Posted: July 10, 2010 in Politics
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So I am half watching a news program this morning and they have a story about a new commercial that Sarah Palin has made.  They are interviewing a supposed senior political analyst about this new ad.  And he says that while he has been a Palin skeptic, that this ad was so great that not only could he see Sarah Palin running for president, he believes that she would be the front-runner.  Really?  One advertisement is enough to move somebody from someone who can’t win to a front-runner?  Well, let’s see the ad:

First, I see Sarah has her own PAC now.  Yay?  Second, this ad is going to make Sarah Palin a front-runner?  There is absolutely nothing of substance in this commercial.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  A big fat zero!  It’s everything we’ve come to expect from Sarah.  Talk about pit bulls, grizzlies, and pink elephants.  Talk about how moms “kind of just know when something’s wrong.”  Talk with her odd way with words  which is supposed to be “folksy” (“…to do something adverse toward their cubs…”?).  But anything of actual substance?  No, not from Sarah!

So this political analyst thinks ads like these will make Sarah a favorite to win in 2012?  Because her campaign platform is going to be ‘I kind of just know when something’s wrong, and I am going to stand on my hind legs and growl like a grizzly’?  It’s just the same kind of stuff we always her from Sarah, with some shots of Palin’s fans and inspirational music tacked on along with a little implication that all women are on Sarah’s side, since she is one.  I’m not a political analyst, but I just don’t think this will make a difference.  Can you really see somebody who doesn’t believe Sarah is qualified to run this country watching this commercial and changing their mind?

For all the talk of liberal media, they sure do fall over themselves to try to compliment Sarah anytime she does anything that manages to rise above the level of retarded (for you Palin fans, I mean that in the Rush Limbaugh sense of the word, not the Rahm Emanuel sense of the word. 🙂 ).


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