Just going to post a few miscellaneous items of interest to me:

Rick Barber Too Crazy Even For Alabama:

Rick Barber, friend of dead people on U.S. currency, got trounced in the Republican run-off for an Alabama U.S. Congressional seat 60%-40%.  Now there is no doubt that the Tea Party has some influence.  But if a Tea Party candidate cannot even win a nomination nod in one of the reddest of red states, you have to wonder how much influence this movement really has.

TIME Magazine Also Says New Palin Commercial Is A Difference Maker:

TIME has also decided that Palin’s latest advertisement is enough to make her a legitimate contender for President.

Sarah Palin in ’12? Why She’s For Real

If you haven’t seen the ad, it is posted right here in this blog in my previous entry.  I still don’t see it.  Funny enough, the article mentions a poll from TIME itself that shows if an election was held today, Obama would bury Palin 55% to 34%.  But they just brush that aside.  After all, her new commercial shows that she “can adapt quickly” according to TIME. I guess adapting means adding montages and music to one of her tired old speeches.  Watch out Obama!  There’s a new “change” candidate in town!

BP May Have Finally Contained The Leak:

It appears that BP’s new cap may actually be working.  Oh please, oh please, cap keep working!  It was going to be hard to make progress as long as oil kept gushing into the water.  If this thing can continue to work, at least the amount of oil needed to be cleaned up becomes finite.  Interesting that the one idea that they didn’t give some cool name to, like “Top Kill” or “Junk Shot” may actually have been effective.  Maybe for once they spent more time on the actual idea than the marketing of the idea!

Utah List Creepy:

OK, we get it.  Illegal immigration is a problem.  But I do not think the solution is a witch hunt.  In Utah, a list of 1,300 folks who purportedly are illegal immigrants was leaked to the press and legal enforcement agencies.  The list contains a scary amount of personal information, including social security numbers, addresses, workplaces, phone numbers, etc.  It even goes as far as listing due dates for pregnant women on the list.  Of course, the list appears to only include those of Latino descent because apparently if you are European and breaking the law, it’s not as much of an issue.

The lesson that U.S. legislators need to take from this is that they need to deal with this issue NOW!  Because if they don’t, it’s going to start to get ugly (or uglier).  It is their responsibility to deal with this and it’s time they stop shirking their responsibility.  (I don’t think they will though.  Legislators are mostly incompetent.  They are also cowards.  But mostly, corporations are happy with the status quo, so legislators are happy with the status quo.  Not a good combo.)



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