Oh Good Grief!….Or Why We Shouldn’t Jump To Conclusions…Part 2

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Current Events, Politics
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OK, for goodness sake, can we all just recognize Andrew Breitbart as the fraud that he is?  Why oh why would the Obama adminstration let freakin’ Fox News (or any media outlet for that matter) push it around.  Really, after all the phony bologna with those supposed pimp videos and ACORN, you would think everyone would take a Breitbart/Fox News story with a grain of salt.  But instead everyone at the Obama administration just took it at face value.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, Breitbart started parading a video of Shirley Sherrod, the director of rural development for the U.S. Agriculture Department, appearing to show her making racist statements about a white farmer at a NAACP event.  Of course, it’s only a snippet of a larger speech (as a bonus, the video is literally 24 years old).  Good enough for Fox News, they take it and declare Sherrod, and by extension Obama, big ol’ racists!  The Obama adminstration, apparently believing folks like Bill O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham only have their best interests at heart, decide to force Sherrod’s resignation.

But a funny thing happened.  The NAACP had a crazy thought to post the WHOLE video.  And guess what?  The point of the story in context was the exact opposite of racist.  She helped that white farmer.  In fact, the white farmer’s wife is now on record saying that she considers Sherrod a “friend for life” and “worked tirelessly” to help them.  The White House:   Oops.  Yeah, sorry about that.  We took your job away for nothing.  Hmm, maybe we should reconsider letting Fox freakin’ News make our personnel decisions for us!

Hilariously, the same Fox News that criticized the Obama administration for hiring her and demanding her resignation turned right around and started criticizing the Obama administration for rushing to judgment and forcing that very same resignation that they were demanding in the first place.

Obama, let that be a lesson to you.  Fox News is not going to like you no matter what.  Stop trying to appease them.  After all, even they say “We Report, You Decide”.  Obama, you and the folks that work for you are the “you” in that equation, not Fox News!



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