OK Tennessee, Meet Your Alvin Greene

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Current Events, Politics
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Tennessee voters, I have found your version of Alvin Greene.  His name is Basil Marceaux, Sr.  Ironically, like Alvin Greene, he also has a military background.  I am sure he is well-intentioned and a nice guy.  But please do not vote for him for governor.  Oh, and while you are at it, don’t vote for him for U.S. House either.  Yes, he’s running for both.  But don’t just blindly take voting advice from me.  Here’s a video:

Yes, I have replayed it several times and he did say “I’m Basil Marceaux dot com”.  🙂

Still not convinced?  Here’s a link to his website:


Some of his..er…platform:


OK, maybe if you’ve committed a state crime, or plan to, you should support this guy!

1. Can a higher court say no to 2nd traffic stops  And a county court say yes overruling the higher court, No they can not! But they everyday in Tennessee.Are you duly convicted? No I would take 12 stuns’ to protect a citizen . Would a lawyer?  No they will not! They do not even read Knowels vs. Iowa? Tenn vs. Pucket

Wow!  I don’t even know what that says.

3. I would like to update the monitory car insurance to match the federal insurance act where they say if you do not know the name and address of the person who will get the check when you pay you money to your agent it is gaming and we can not gamble in Tenn, right now we are gaming. My plan would lower car insurance by 45% . With this plan to follow federal act is too insure your our car and nobody else because the only name we will know who will get the check is ourselves who pay the money to agent. We have no insurable interest in any other person

Granted, it’s hard to read, but did he just compare having car insurance to gambling?

4. My friends a beer stores say they must check 200 D/L a day that 400 minutes a day per clerk which is over 6 hours at $ 7.00 a hour that $ 42.00, with it mandatory then we must pay them.

So you drink?  Never saw that coming!  I must say your beer store friends are very thorough if they are spending two minutes to check a driver’s license!

8. Education ,let us put phonics back in school if you can not read you can not do History, Math, English. And that where we are now. Let make it mandatory in high school to read the minutes to the U.S. Congress , the Congressional Globe the real history of the U.S

There isn’t ANY amount of phonics that is going to help somebody read your writings!

So that’s who to NOT vote for, you are going to have to figure out who to actually vote for on your own!  Oh, while you are at it, don’t vote for Marceaux’s son either, Basil Marceaux, Jr.  He is running for state representative, and let’s just say the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree.  Here’s his website:



  1. Wow…I don’t know whether to be afraid or admire the newscasters for their professionalism..I do not think I could have kept a straight face introducing this “candidate”…but I do know this…I am laughing so hard I am crying..thanks…

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