So What Did You Do This Morning? I Ran 9 Miles!

Posted: July 31, 2010 in running
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Lael and I decided not to run the Sprint For the Spill 10k this morning as we originally planned.  One, this race came at an awkward time on our half-marathon training schedule.  We had a planned week off from our long weekend run scheduled for next week, and didn’t want to go shorter than planned this week.  So we were going to run an extra 3 miles either before the race or after the race anyway.  Then there is the fact that Alabama is hot.  Really hot.  The race started at 8 am, which means a lot of our run would include the bonus of the sun beating down on us.  At least at 5:30 am, the weather is almost reasonable (almost).  So it didn’t really make a whole lot of sense to run a race in the heat, but not really race since we are training, and pay for the privilege.  But I figure what the heck, I will blog a progress report anyway!

You know, it’s a funny thing.  I always hear how unhealthy Birmingham is supposed to be.  But we get up, run at an ungodly hour in the morning, and there are literally dozens and dozens of people out on the trail running, walking, and cycling.  And the cool thing, it’s not just young uber-athletes.  It is a highly diverse demographic out there.  Young people, middle-aged people, old people.  Men and women, boys and girls.  White people, black people, Asian people.  It really shows that if you build and create places for people to go to have a more active lifestyle, people WILL use them!  We are really fortunate that many communities in this area have realized the value of such things and have made the investments (no small feat in Alabama, considering the general attitude is that nobody wants to pay taxes and nobody wants to spend anything on anything).

Another thing that struck me this morning, I am so amazed at the marvel that is the human body.  I go 7.5 miles one week and don’t think I can go any farther.  The next week I ask my body to go 8, and it does.  But still, it doesn’t seem like I can go any further than that.  But here we are this week, I ask my body to go 9 miles, and it does once again.  Even more crazy, I go more miles and I go at a FASTER pace.  OK, maybe the lack of hills on today’s route helped, but still.  When I started to run a year ago, I would run for 1 minute and then walk 4.  And trust me, I could not wait for that minute to be over so I could walk again!  Now I running 100 to 110 minutes?  That’s insanity!  You can have your TiVo’s and iPad’s, but nobody is going to beat God’s creation!

I am feeling very, very confident that we are going to reach our half-marathon goal.  Training is right on track.  When we reach beautiful Apalachicola, Florida, we will be ready to run and have fun!  I am considering running a 5k next weekend on our “off” week.  My last 5k time has left a bad taste in my mouth.  Hey, after 9 miles, 3.1 miles is nothing, right?  Probably after that, we may do Race For The Cure.  But probably not so much racing as just participating since our company is involved with that.   Then it will be half-marathon time!  I can’t wait! 🙂


  1. I love the mortuary sign!
    Don’t you just marvel at what the human body and spirit can do? From one minute of running initially to miles.
    I went back into your archives, because I am such a nosey person, quite a journey you have been on, isn’t life fun?
    I have to agree that heat is a killer…I got on the dreadmill this morning and when the front of your knees are sweating you know it sucks..guess I should have picked some place else besides Cairo in the summer huh? Test of endurance.

  2. gesvol says:

    Life is fun! The treadmill, not so much. I admire anyone who can run on a treadmill on a regular basis. I don’t unless I absolutely have to.

    Alabama is experiencing Cairo-like weather right now. But I expect we will see a break before Cairo does!

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