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I am determined to settle this question.  Let’s take a look at the aerial photo.

Hmm.  Tough to tell.  I think I’m going to have to bring in an expert.

Okay, what’s your estimate?

"100 Billion!"

Well there you have it.  The crowd size at Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally was around 100 billion!  I expect the media to pick this number up as the definitive estimate.  Otherwise the media is clearly biased!  I know there are some doubters out there.  But trust me, there were a ton of people out at that rally dressed in clothes made out of grass!  They were just trying to blend into the scenery!



Bendable straws……$2.88

Two bottles of bottled still water…..$3.00

Four round trip air tickets from Anchorage, Alaska (two first-class, two coach)…..$2,450.

One bedroom suite in deluxe hotel…..$6,000

Speaker fee…..$75,000

A chance to have one of the great thinkers of our generation, Sarah Palin, speak at your function:



As you probably know, tax cuts implemented during the Bush years are set to expire on January 1st.  There has already been a good bit of teeth gnashing over this on the Republican side, claiming this is yet another step toward Obama’s socialist vision (who knew that as recently as 2002, the United States was a socialist nation?).  Democrats for their part say that we simply can’t afford to let the Bush tax cuts continue.  But what are we really arguing about?  I saw a graphic at The Obtuse View via The Washington Post that demonstrates the substance of the “debate”:

Notice how similar most of those circles are?  So here’s the deal.  Republicans want to extend the Bush tax cut for 100% of all taxpayers.  Obama wants to extend the Bush tax cut for about 97-98% of all taxpayers (Obama would let the upper two tax brackets revert back to 2000 levels, so the next-to-highest bracket would go from 33% to 36%, and the highest bracket would go from 35% to 39.6%.  However, he also would raise the lower level of that next-to-highest bracket to $200,000 for single filers, and $250,000 for families.  All other brackets would remain exactly as they are now.)  You would think that with both sides being this close to agreement that there wouldn’t be much of a battle.  But these days, especially in an election year, every issue is do-or-die, end of the world, the sky is falling, the nation is going straight to hell in a handbasket type of issue.

Lost in this phony battle is a real discussion of whether either side is actually being fiscally responsible.  To really balance budgets and pay down the debt, realistically BOTH spending has to be reduced and taxes have to be increased (and frankly, you probably are going to have to find some of that revenue at lower income levels than just the upper two brackets).  But we aren’t ready for serious discussions yet.  Haven’t you heard? We have a Muslim problem to deal with.  They are hatching a plan to take over, a plan that apparently has been in the making for over one hundred years!


Since writing about the proposed so-called “Ground Zero mosque” way back in May, this issue has only heated up.  I have put my Sarah Palin/Newt Gingrich hat on and now I know this community center mosque MUST be stopped.  The reasons are clear:

  • There is no better way to honor the memories of victims of 9/11 than with an abandoned Burlington Coat Factory!  This must not be replaced!  We want visitors to see this at “Ground Zero”.   OK, they can’t see it at “Ground Zero”.  But they will know.  They will know.  Besides, urban blight is way cooler than an active multimillion dollar community center mosque.
  • The community center mosque will have a basketball court.  Don’t you see what they are planning on doing?  It’s going to be a training center for Arab nations to take down the U.S. “Dream Team”!  Winning the gold medal in basketball is our right as Americans!  We can’t allow Muslims to hatch this devious plan!
  • And it’s going to have a library with a reading center.  Yeah right, we all know what kind of books they will have:
  • Exactly!  We get the failures of the underwear bomber and the Times Square bomber and now some Muslims want to build a “library”?  Coincidence?  I think not!
  • A culinary school and restaurant aye.  Well let’s see what kind of books they are planning on having in this culinary school:

  • OMG!  Kanamits aren’t aliens!  They are Muslims!  And they are going to eat us all!
  • Oh, and they are offering childcare services.  Certain to be the training ground for the terror anchor babies that one of our brilliant Congressmen has been warning us about!
  • A September 11th memorial and quiet contemplation space?  More like celebration central I’m sure!
  • Oh and get this, they’ve invited Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich to Park 51.  They claim that they would “really love it”.  Don’t fall for this Sarah and Newt!
  • Admiral Ackbar is right!  It is all part of a Muslim plot to kidnap our greatest leaders!

The facts here are clear.  Now don’t get Sarah, Newt, and I wrong.  This religious organization has the right to build a terror training center dead set to kill us all at this location.  But is it right?  It would be perfectly fine with us if they built it, just as long as it is not at this location (or in California, or in Tennessee, or in….well, any state that’s in America really).  See, we are not being unreasonable at all! 😉

OK, taking off the Newt/Sarah hat.  Ah, brainwaves working again!

If you want more information on the actual Park 51 plans, go here:  Park 51

Seems like it has the potential to be a really cool place for the community, and as a bonus it will be completely funded by private funds.  I really don’t see how this can be either offensive or threatening.  I have a hard time seeing how one can come to either conclusion without having a bigoted view of the Muslim faith.  But a recent poll though said that 70% of Americans think this project will be an insult to 9/11 victims so I guess I’m in the minority.  (Then again, the same poll had some pretty scary results.  Twenty-eight percent of those polled said that all Muslims should be banned from serving on the Supreme Court, thirty-three percent said that all Muslims should be banned from running for President, and 24% think President Obama is a Muslim.  I’m beginning to think that I’ve been dumped into Idiocracy world!)


Boy, this is exciting stuff.  Alabama football head coach Nick Saban has decided to endorse a Bessemer candidate for mayor!  It would seem kind of unusual for a football coach in Tuscaloosa to get involved in Bessemer politics, a small town 45 miles away or so.  But clearly Nick Saban has endorsed Bessemer councilwoman Dorothy Davidson for mayor of Bessemer.  The photo does not lie!

This photo appears in campaign fliers for Dorothy, along with the claim that she has Saban’s endorsement.  Picture was taken as the two talked at a golf course one day.  Hmm, kind of odd that he is fuzzier in the photo than she is.  But whatever, stupid cameras, I can’t ever get them to work either.  This has to be huge for Dorothy………..oh.  What’s that?  Another picture?  Sure, I would love to see another picture of Saban standing with the candidate!Hmm, Dorothy looks a lot paler in that shot.  Heck, it doesn’t even look like she is even wearing the same clothes!  She really needs to get a new camera!  Oh, that’s not Dorothy?  It’s Saban’s wife?  Oh, okay.  Wow, what are the odds that on a different day that he would be at the same golf course with the same clothes on?  And look at him, he hits the same exact pose, even down to the wrinkles in his shirt!  Now that’s discipline!  That, my friends, is why Nick Saban is coach of the defending NCAA National Champions!  OK, so it was cool to see another photo, but I really don’t know what the point of………..what’s that?  There’s something I need to read?  What?

Bessemer mayoral candidate Dorothy Davidson claims Nick Saban endorsement, passing out fliers with altered photo

You are kidding!  That photo was altered?  Man, I couldn’t tell at all!  Whoever altered the image must have spent days hours minutes seconds on that!  Well there just has to be a reasonable explanation.

……the candidate acknowledged that her image was digitally added to the 2007 photo.

“They said we could do it this way,” Davidson said.

Davidson’s part of the picture is what was taken three weeks ago, she said Tuesday night.

While the photo is fake, the support of Saban is real, Davidson and her campaign manager, Kevin Morris, maintain.

“My dad, Larry Morris, and coach Saban are friends,” Morris said Tuesday. “We were on the golf course one day, and I asked him myself if this would be OK.”

See, I told you!  Perfectly reasonable.  I’m sure Saban asked if they wanted to get a real photo, and Morris just told him that it would be totally unnecessary.  With today’s technology, it would be much easier just to doctor one up!  It makes sense to me.  I’m glad we’ve got that cleared up.  So now we can move on……what’s that?  There’s something else I need to read?  Oh, I bet Nick Saban has approached the media.  He has probably now endorsed Dorothy Davidson publicly and cleared this thing right up!

Bessemer mayoral candidate’s campaign manager admits he lied about endorsement from Alabama Coach Nick Saban

What?!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ve been bamboozled!  My faith in Alabama politics has been shattered!  Well, it would have been had I any faith in Alabama politics to begin with.  I tell you what, I’m never going to trust what I see in an obviously photoshopped picture ever again!

OK, so the Dorothy Davidson/Nick Saban picture is a fake.  But I want to know when the media will start to question whether or not the supposed original photo of Nick Saban and his wife has been digitally altered.  C’mon, we all know Nick Saban doesn’t ever smile! 🙂


“But greatness comes at a price.  It always has.”

Yes!  This looks epic!  Mmm….grade A schlock….*drool*.  Look for Sharktopus on the home of all the great movie classics, the Sci-Fi Channel SyFy on September 25th at 9pm est.


If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I thought it was vitally important that Tim James and Roy Moore get defeated in the Republican primary so that they could not be governor of Alabama.  So I decided to vote Robert Bentley not so much because I agreed with his views but because he wasn’t Tim James or Roy Moore.  But reading some recent comments from Robert Bentley is leading me to believe that in reality it didn’t make much difference who came out of the Republican primary.

Robert Bentley favors elevated toll road for U.S. 280

First, just a word on the proposed elevated road.  Here is an artist’s rendering:

First, isn’t it wonderful that this thing will be the first structure in the world that will not cast a shadow on a sunny day?  Maybe they should sell it as a vampire bridge!  But anyway, once you get to the point that you are literally building roads on top of roads, don’t you think it might be time to start considering alternatives?  I don’t know, maybe something like mass transit (something that technically exists in Birmingham, but is so woefully underfunded that it almost may as well not)?  But Robert Bentley says Birmingham won’t support mass transit.  I would say that they are about as likely to support it as suburbs like Mountain Brook and Vestavia Hills are to support having this thing run through their community, but what do I know?

So Bentley is clearly the expert here.  Speak to me Bentley:

“Birmingham is not a mass transit city. It’s just not. If you take light rail to get downtown, what then?” he said, questioning how people would get from a train station to their workplaces.

Well first, it’s hard to argue with scientific proof like “it’s just not”.  As far as how people would get to their workplaces, I don’t know.  My crazy idea would be that they would just walk.  I know that’s kind of kooky.  But I am wondering how people are getting to workplaces from their cars.  It’s not like anyone is just parking right next to their desk.

But Robert had other things on his mind as well.  In regards to Arizona:

He believes Arizona did the right thing in passing a law — much of which has been struck down by a federal judge — that required local law enforcement to enforce immigration law.

“I’m proud of Arizona,” he said.

Sigh.  I’m thinking that Robert Bentley probably doesn’t disagree with the sentiment behind the Tim James “We Speak English” ad, he is just not stupid enough to state that view explicitly in a commercial.  And that probably means that we are probably not going to get anything significantly different under a Robert Bentley governorship as we would with a Tim James governorship.

You have people who don’t participate in the political process because they are totally apathetic.  But you have other people who don’t participate in the political process not because they don’t care, but because they feel like it really doesn’t make a difference.  I find myself feeling that way more and more.