I’ve Changed My Mind: World’s (Not So) Funniest Blog Officially Endorses Basil Marceaux.com!

Posted: August 1, 2010 in Current Events, Politics
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That’s right, after careful consideration, I am now throwing my full support behind Basil Marceaux.com for governor of Tennessee!  This guy is awesome!  Check out his new analysis of the gun control issue:

Holy crap!  It’s the fuzz!!!!!!!  Run!!!!……..oh wait, it’s just Basil Marceaux.com.   Don’t do that Basil, you scared the crap out of me….aw, it’s ok.  I can’t quit you Basil Marceaux.com.  I mean, I can listen to your expert analysis all day.  Many people DID die to keep our constitution full.  Our forefathers were all too aware that we had “nutcakes”.  “Nutcakes” have as much right to bear arms against our government as…er…non-nutcakes.   And do you hear what this man is saying, the government wants to put numbers on our stones!  Not if Basil Marceaux.com has anything to say about it!  You will have to pry his stones out of his cold dead hands!

Fines for people who don’t have guns?  Brilliant!  You have a problem with Basil Marceaux.com?  You get 24 or more of your closest friends, go get your guns, and meet Basil Marceaux.com for a discussion.  Because then, and only then, will it be a fair fight.  Basil Marceaux.com would so kick Chuck Norris’s ass.

Now watch Basil Marceaux.com break down campaign finance reform as only he can!:

Basil Marceaux.com, the power of a locomotive driving to get to the root causes of how corporate people with craploads of money can come into Tennessee and buy their way into the people’s hearts.  I fully support the locomotive plan.  Basil Marceaux.com, you may have been the “other guy” before in your many, many, many other campaigns.  But not anymore!  You are Basil Marceaux.com, internet sensation!  Basil Marceaux.com will NOT be bought, not even with a handshake!

Basil Marceaux.com, you have already made me so happy, and you haven’t even been elected yet!  Oh boy, oh boy, a teaser!  Basil Marceaux.com is going to fix traffic stops too!  But we will have to see how in a day or two.  I can’t wait!

I am on the Basil Marceaux.com bandwagon, and you should be too!

Follow Basil Marceaux.com on Twitter here:  http://twitter.com/marceaux2010

Buy your official “IM BASIL MARCEAUX DOT COM” t-shirts here:  http://www.zazzle.ca/marceaux2010

Watch Basil Marceaux.com on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday Night!

Meanwhile, I have the sudden urge to recite the Pledge of Allegiance….I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of American, and to the republic……….


  1. Stones baby, that’s what it all about.. Stones!!! You gotta love this country, I mean really where else would you get such a diverse group of nutcakes and non nutcakes ? May even have to contribute to this campaign, if for no other reason than to keep those videos and commentaries coming…and yes I am going to follow him on Twitter, get on board that locomotive, ride the rails baby!
    Really where do you find these things?

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