Shake and BAKE 5k Race

Posted: August 7, 2010 in running
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Whew!  Running a race in August,  not the greatest idea in the world.  Just got done running the Shake and Bake 5k in Mt. Laurel, Alabama, and boy was it hot!  Thought I might catch a break with cloud cover, but as soon as the race started, the sun came out.  But I guess race organizers promised baking, and bake I did!

Thursday I decided to step into a storm drain while I was running.  I thought turning my ankle might help my time!  It could be a lot worse, but the ankle is a bit tender.  I still felt good enough to go today.  I thought I had a solid race, but it wasn’t really reflected in the time.  My time was around 30:50.  But I didn’t go out ridiculously fast and burn out and I was able to sprint at the end (which may mean that I was a bit too conservative in my pace).  Mainly I was just hot.  Really, really hot.  But what can you do?

I had never been to Mt. Laurel.  It really is a beautiful town.  The course layout was a nice tour of the town, and well-marked.  The course itself wasn’t totally flat by any means, but it wasn’t too hilly either.  The swag bag was pretty much nothing.  But given that this race was relatively inexpensive and proceeds go to a Dominican Republic orphanage, I think that’s okay.  More money for the orphanage, and most stuff in a swag bag is junk anyway.  The after-race snacks were plentiful, and included BBQ sandwiches to go with the usual post-race foods of fruits and cookies.

Negatives?  Restrooms, or the lack thereof.  A bunch of us runners were desperately looking for a restroom before the race.  After wandering around for a while, I finally decided to go back to the registration table to ask where one might go to relief him or herself.  A young lady gave me instructions, and despite being quite sure that I along with many others had throughly searched the area she had indicated restrooms would be located, I decided to go back (I didn’t want to be the one who was too stupid to follow instructions).  But once again I failed (but I wasn’t alone, it really was quite comical).

I decided to wander some more.  Another guy was with me.  He spotted the public library and decided to try down there.  I was quite sure it was closed, and had myself spotted many, many restrooms in the form of trees off in the distance.  Hey, at that point, it was either a tree or in my shorts!  Keeping an eye on the other guy to see if he had any success getting into the library (he didn’t), I made my way to the trees and picked one in need of watering.  Now it is not what I really wanted to do, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  And at least I found a tree.  I saw a guy come out from behind a dumpster, and while I can’t be 100% sure of what he was doing, he seemed really relieved!

But other than the lack of restrooms, I have no complaints (well, did I mention it was hot?  But I guess no one really has any control over that!)  I think I’m going to take a day off from training.  My legs are tired, and it will give a chance for my ankle to fully heal (my training partner has threaten me with physical violence if I get hurt this close to the half, and I think I better heed that warning! 😉 ).  We are about to get into crunch time and it will be good to get everything 100% going into that!  Oh, and I really can’t wait for summer to be finally over! 🙂


  1. Thank God for nature’s abundant trees! You can now claim that you are fully recycling…*snort* sorry….but makes for a good read.
    Think I have to agree with your partner, let your ankle rest…

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