Did I Waste My Time Voting For Robert Bentley?

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Politics
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If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I thought it was vitally important that Tim James and Roy Moore get defeated in the Republican primary so that they could not be governor of Alabama.  So I decided to vote Robert Bentley not so much because I agreed with his views but because he wasn’t Tim James or Roy Moore.  But reading some recent comments from Robert Bentley is leading me to believe that in reality it didn’t make much difference who came out of the Republican primary.

Robert Bentley favors elevated toll road for U.S. 280

First, just a word on the proposed elevated road.  Here is an artist’s rendering:

First, isn’t it wonderful that this thing will be the first structure in the world that will not cast a shadow on a sunny day?  Maybe they should sell it as a vampire bridge!  But anyway, once you get to the point that you are literally building roads on top of roads, don’t you think it might be time to start considering alternatives?  I don’t know, maybe something like mass transit (something that technically exists in Birmingham, but is so woefully underfunded that it almost may as well not)?  But Robert Bentley says Birmingham won’t support mass transit.  I would say that they are about as likely to support it as suburbs like Mountain Brook and Vestavia Hills are to support having this thing run through their community, but what do I know?

So Bentley is clearly the expert here.  Speak to me Bentley:

“Birmingham is not a mass transit city. It’s just not. If you take light rail to get downtown, what then?” he said, questioning how people would get from a train station to their workplaces.

Well first, it’s hard to argue with scientific proof like “it’s just not”.  As far as how people would get to their workplaces, I don’t know.  My crazy idea would be that they would just walk.  I know that’s kind of kooky.  But I am wondering how people are getting to workplaces from their cars.  It’s not like anyone is just parking right next to their desk.

But Robert had other things on his mind as well.  In regards to Arizona:

He believes Arizona did the right thing in passing a law — much of which has been struck down by a federal judge — that required local law enforcement to enforce immigration law.

“I’m proud of Arizona,” he said.

Sigh.  I’m thinking that Robert Bentley probably doesn’t disagree with the sentiment behind the Tim James “We Speak English” ad, he is just not stupid enough to state that view explicitly in a commercial.  And that probably means that we are probably not going to get anything significantly different under a Robert Bentley governorship as we would with a Tim James governorship.

You have people who don’t participate in the political process because they are totally apathetic.  But you have other people who don’t participate in the political process not because they don’t care, but because they feel like it really doesn’t make a difference.  I find myself feeling that way more and more.


  1. Lael says:

    How about rolling. We can recommend rolling from the light rail to your office, then you only have to stand up to sit down in your chair. Much less stress effort and you don’t have to do much more than get out of bed really. Also, seriously, light rails? Buses are so poor people aren’t they? Who wants to talk about reasonable public transportation when it’s for poor people. We’ll talk about light rails instead. mmmkkkay?

  2. gesvol says:

    Well, well, well, look who finally decided to post on my blog. It’s about time! 🙂

    I like rolling. But why not just roll into your chair? That way you don’t even have to stand up at all!

    And whether it’s light rail, upgrading the current bus system, doing something else, doing all the above, etc., it really doesn’t matter. I just hate the outright dismissal of all things mass transit. Nah, let’s start putting roads on top of roads so we have the capacity for even more vehicles. After all, Birmingham is only the most polluted city in the South. With more effort, I believe we can be #1 most polluted in the whole country!

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