We Can’t Allow The “Ground Zero Mosque”!

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Current Events
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Since writing about the proposed so-called “Ground Zero mosque” way back in May, this issue has only heated up.  I have put my Sarah Palin/Newt Gingrich hat on and now I know this community center mosque MUST be stopped.  The reasons are clear:

  • There is no better way to honor the memories of victims of 9/11 than with an abandoned Burlington Coat Factory!  This must not be replaced!  We want visitors to see this at “Ground Zero”.   OK, they can’t see it at “Ground Zero”.  But they will know.  They will know.  Besides, urban blight is way cooler than an active multimillion dollar community center mosque.
  • The community center mosque will have a basketball court.  Don’t you see what they are planning on doing?  It’s going to be a training center for Arab nations to take down the U.S. “Dream Team”!  Winning the gold medal in basketball is our right as Americans!  We can’t allow Muslims to hatch this devious plan!
  • And it’s going to have a library with a reading center.  Yeah right, we all know what kind of books they will have:
  • Exactly!  We get the failures of the underwear bomber and the Times Square bomber and now some Muslims want to build a “library”?  Coincidence?  I think not!
  • A culinary school and restaurant aye.  Well let’s see what kind of books they are planning on having in this culinary school:

  • OMG!  Kanamits aren’t aliens!  They are Muslims!  And they are going to eat us all!
  • Oh, and they are offering childcare services.  Certain to be the training ground for the terror anchor babies that one of our brilliant Congressmen has been warning us about!
  • A September 11th memorial and quiet contemplation space?  More like celebration central I’m sure!
  • Oh and get this, they’ve invited Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich to Park 51.  They claim that they would “really love it”.  Don’t fall for this Sarah and Newt!
  • Admiral Ackbar is right!  It is all part of a Muslim plot to kidnap our greatest leaders!

The facts here are clear.  Now don’t get Sarah, Newt, and I wrong.  This religious organization has the right to build a terror training center dead set to kill us all at this location.  But is it right?  It would be perfectly fine with us if they built it, just as long as it is not at this location (or in California, or in Tennessee, or in….well, any state that’s in America really).  See, we are not being unreasonable at all! 😉

OK, taking off the Newt/Sarah hat.  Ah, brainwaves working again!

If you want more information on the actual Park 51 plans, go here:  Park 51

Seems like it has the potential to be a really cool place for the community, and as a bonus it will be completely funded by private funds.  I really don’t see how this can be either offensive or threatening.  I have a hard time seeing how one can come to either conclusion without having a bigoted view of the Muslim faith.  But a recent poll though said that 70% of Americans think this project will be an insult to 9/11 victims so I guess I’m in the minority.  (Then again, the same poll had some pretty scary results.  Twenty-eight percent of those polled said that all Muslims should be banned from serving on the Supreme Court, thirty-three percent said that all Muslims should be banned from running for President, and 24% think President Obama is a Muslim.  I’m beginning to think that I’ve been dumped into Idiocracy world!)


  1. I just don’t understand it, I really, really don’t. What is going to have to happen to snap everybody back to reality?

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