Things I Have Learned From Rush Limbaugh

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Politics
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  • Avid hunters are conservatives.  Always.  Makes sense.  If you are not an avid hunter, you are a wiener.  Wieners are liberals.  (Also hot dogs, but definitely liberals too)
  • Avid hunters are also anti-health care.  Or anti “Obama-care”.
  • Mounted bear heads over a courtroom door instills “the fear of God into the accused”.  And here I was thinking that seeing three mounted bear heads mounted over a courtroom door would be not so much scary as just really bizarre.
  • You shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet.  Especially on Wikipedia.  Wait, that’s actually good advice.  (So that blue little sliver on the pie chart above is actually legit?  Who knew?)
  • Unless you are Rush Limbaugh.  Oops!
  • The talent Rush has “on loan from God” does not include the ability to tell truth from fiction.  Or the ability to do research.  Or the ability to hire people who can do research.

You see, Rush was all giddy because he (or one of his staffers) read on Wikipedia that the judge presiding over the case involving a legal challenge to the recently passed health care reform bill was this hunter who mounted bear heads to scare the piss out of defendants entering his courtroom.  (All of whom are no doubt guilty scum!)  This revelation meant certain doom to all that support health care reform.  Thing is, and I know it’s shocking since it WAS on Wikipedia, it wasn’t true.  Guy doesn’t hunt.  At all.  He is President of the American Camellia Society though.  But I don’t suppose that is nearly as bad ass as killing three bears.

I think it’s funny that when asked, Rush’s spokesperson claimed that the article was found by a staffer, not on Wikipedia but rather The Pensacola News Journal website.  The newspaper said they never printed such a thing.  But it just so happens that is the source that was cited on Wikipedia.  Of course, the date cited for that article was June 31st, 2003.  Hmm, perhaps that date should have been a clue.

But then again, Rush must be a good bit smarter than I am.  His audience numbers in the millions (everyone says 20 million, but that is just a number Rush made up, you can’t always believe what you read even if it is not on Wikipedia).  I, on the other hand, am lucky to get 600 views a month.  And a lot of those is just because I have a  “jump to conclusions” mat photo posted on one of my articles and people really love Office Space!



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