Halloween Fright! Wicked Witches and Demons and Tea Partiers, Oh My!

Posted: October 31, 2010 in Current Events, Politics
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Here’s your scary thought for Halloween.  Christine O’Donnell is gaining ground on Chris Coons in the state of Delaware.  Also, she might be a witch!  Or she might be you.  That means she is a demon that has the power to possess!  C’mon Delaware, do you really want a Senator that is a part-time witch, part-time demon capable of demonic possession?!  I know unemployment is bad, but I don’t think increasing the demand for exorcists is the way to go!

Chris Coons still has a big lead.  But if O’Donnell somehow finds a way to win in the liberal state of Delaware, then is it really a stretch to say that Sarah Palin could find a way to win the Presidency?

Just the thought even makes a pumpkin crap its pants!

Happy Halloween everybody!  And remember to study up and go vote on Tuesday!



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