Senator Jon Kyl (R - AZ)

Filibusting a bill that will provide 9/11 first responders with medical monitoring and treatment for all that crap they breathed in that day and the days and weeks that followed?  Don’t we as a nation owe that to them?  That certainly was not a normal ‘all in the line of duty’ type of event.  But Republicans can’t even allow this to come up for a vote?  Really?  Why?

OK, the bill has been budgeted for $7 billion.  That’s a lot of money, no doubt.  But to put it perspective, that amount of money would make up about 0.2% of the total national budget.  In comparison, what was the cost of the bill to extend the Bush-era tax cuts?  The tax cuts that had to be extended for everyone, including millionaires and billionaires, or else they would suffer or something?  The one that had to be done now, before ANYTHING else?  Estimated to be $858 billion.

Still, $7 billion is not insignificant.  So I can see the Republicans point, we shouldn’t pass such a bill if it’s not going to be paid for.  Oh wait?  It IS paid for.  The bill would also close a corporate tax loophole that allows companies to avoid taxation by funneling profits through foreign subsidies.  Frankly this is something that should be done anyway, but funding the health care for the heroes of 9/11 is a pretty darn good reason.  How could there be any real opposition to this bill?  These are the kind of bills that you would expect to get 80 votes in the Senate, you know, like the bill that extended the tax cuts for the millionaires.

Ah, but that is the rub, isn’t it?  When there is trouble for millionaires, big corporations, or whatever influential entities, Congress can get stuff done!  Need a bailout?  Done.  Want to keep your tax rates low?  Sure, we can work something out.  But when it comes to helping out Joe the firefighter?  No, we have to take a principled stand against government waste and fraud!  Especially if it means that corporations may actually have to….gasp….pay the money they owe in taxes just like the rest of us.  Forget that!  Joe sure didn’t give us as much money as Goldman Sachs!  What did Joe ever do? (besides breathing in toxic crap to help out those in need after this nation was attacked…pfft, big deal)

Speaking of getting stuff done and not getting done, I see that the media is finally catching up on this issue.  Why did it take a fake news program on Comedy Central to wake up the media?  A comedienne (Jon Stewart) shouldn’t have to take the lead on this!  Hey, media, come here, I have a secret for you.  Come closer.  A little closer.  Almost there..just a bit more.  OK, here’s the secret:   I DON’T CARE WHAT WAS IN MILEY CYRUS’S BONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Our media is pretty useless.

Anyway, Republicans, you got to keep the tax cut.  Can you drop the filibuster now?  Nobody is even asking you to support this measure if you don’t want to.  Vote no.  But let’s have the vote.  Isn’t that what we do in democracies?

12/19 UPDATE:  Just to give credit where credit is due, eight Republicans joined the Democrats to repeal DADT yesterday.  Good for them.  It remains to be see how long it will take the others to feel ashamed about being on the wrong side of history, if they ever do.  I am kind of miffed that defense secretary Robert Gates says that they would “begin planning” the necessary actions to carry out the change in policy.  Isn’t preparedness suppose to be the military’s thing?  Are you telling me they didn’t see this coming, if not now, eventually?  I think even most opponents of repealing DADT knew this day would come.  So you would think there would already be a plan.  But whatever, as long as the new policy gets implemented, it will be a good thing.


  1. Can you imagine what is to come in the next session? It would be humorous to watch if it was not such a very critical time for this country..makes a munky sad…and annoyed…but I have come to a conclusion.. Republicans and Conservatives are all educated via Fox News, have absolutely no gift of discernment, no sense of social responsibility, hate big government, but will use every single program out there provided by the gov’t and then complain about in short…I think we’re screwed..Merry Christmas

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