Random Thoughts To End The Year

Posted: December 28, 2010 in Miscellaneous, Politics

Random image that has nothing to do with anything.

  • Does anyone else believe that had Congress been as successful getting things done in the previous two years as they were in the “lame-duck” session that the Democrats would not have suffered the losses they did in November?
  • It’s pretty clear that there are Republicans that only care about tax cuts for the rich and corporations.  Republicans refused to do anything until the tax cuts were extended for the richest Americans.  Then all of a sudden enough of them became cooperative to get some stuff passed.  The 9/11 first responders bill was dead in the water until it was decided that instead of paying for it by closing corporate tax loopholes, foreign company fees would be used instead.  Then suddenly it became acceptable.  For all the principles that Republicans often talk about, protecting influential people and entities from taxes is priority one.  And two and three.
  • I’m not sure that the Obama and the Democrats shouldn’t have scuttled health care reform.  I fear that what has been passed is flawed, and that Republicans have been so successful characterizing the reform as socialism that no politician is going to want to touch health care reform again for quite a while.  It may have been better to have set aside health care reform, maybe go ahead and get the tax bill done, and then worked on other items with the hope that success could lead to greater majorities and the opportunity to pass the right health care reform bill down the line.
  • Many young people get their news from Jon Stewart.  With his 9/11 first responders episode, he showed why.  Sarah Palin may actually be right with her nickname “lamestream media”.  She is probably wrong about the reason.
  • I wish we could get snow every Christmas.  Much of the south actually saw snow on Christmas day, and it just seemed right.
  • Christmas Vacation is better than A Christmas Story.  Yeah, I said it!
  • If the straw on your water bottle literally freezes as you run, perhaps it is too cold to run outside.  Sweat that freezes instead of evaporates is probably another good sign that it’s too cold.
  • College football needs to figure out a way to get its championship game played without having to wait more than a month after the finish of the regular season.
  • Heck, for that matter, I would like to see the January 1st bowl bonanza return.  It’s not really that the number of games on New Year’s Day has changed that much (there are six versus maybe eight in yesteryear).  But back in the day, those bowl games would make up about half of the total, which meant they were all really good bowl games.  Now we have something called the Ticketcity Bowl, a bowl played in the Cotton Bowl that’s not the Cotton Bowl.  What the heck is that about?  But I guess that’s the kind of thing you get when you have 35 bowl games.
  • There are some real losers in this world.
  • Fortunately, I am confident that good, decent people vastly outnumber the losers.
  • It’s hard to figure out a way to end a random thought post.
  • Um…Happy New Year!


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